A good offense

No greater words have ever been spoken between husband and wife via email than that of, "Our Girl Scout cookies just arrived".

I wish it wouldn't be weird to cut out the redheaded girl's picture on the box of samoas because I'm totally in love with her face. She looks like one of the other girl scouts made a bad pun and she just finished rolling her eyes and was all like, "Oh, you guys ..."

And literally not even five minutes after having the cookies dropped off at my desk, I got a Facebook invitation to attend a viewing of the HBO documentary about America's obesity epidemic called The Weight of a Nation.

Well played, internet. Well played.

Since Thursday is now my designated "Volleyball and Homework Day", today will have to be a short, almost-not-even-worth-it post. Then again, all my blog posts are worth it, aren't they?

Aren't they?


I'll take your silence as a very enthusiastic "yes".

For this week's class assignment, I'm required to make a visual aid (oh, you know I am SO all over this one) for the "employees of my restaurant" so I can teach my staff how to have a successful food defense program.

You'd be completely right if you guessed that I'm already going overboard with this mini project.

The cover of my pamphlet is nothing but a picture of two forks intersecting like crossbones beneath the giant red headline:  

A Successful Food Defense Program
Because sometimes the best offense is a good defense

Sometimes I wonder if my professor thinks I'm charming and witty or just completely sarcastic and impudent. But I hope she knows I'm not trying to be either. I'm harmless. I'm just dorky and happen find myself to be utterly hilarious sometimes.

If you've never found yourself to be so funny you that think it's atrocious that no one has offered you your own reality show or endorsement deal, you're totally lying.

Looks like Mr. Dwight K. Schrute might have different ideas for my pamphlet ...

Happy Thursday!