Weekend recap!

One of the perks of working for a college is that I get Martin Luther King Jr. day off again! So please excuse my complete lack of posting yesterday. I was too busy napping on the couch and reflecting on the profound impact Dr. King had on our nation and its people.

Okay, that last part might have been a bit of a stretch, but Dr. King is a true American hero and they don't just give national holidays to anyone. Life might not be the same for African Americans and other minorities today had Dr. King not had the courage and conviction to lead The March on Washington in 1963.

But how was your weekend? If you live anywhere near the Midwest, you're probably pretty well aware that hey, it's a little cold outside. This morning my car's temperature gauge read 6 whole degrees and even after running the engine for a solid 20 minutes, it still wasn't warm when I left for work. My coffee didn't even have a prayer of staying hot on my ride to the office.

Is it spring yet? Because honestly, I'm totally over winter. We had our nice blizzard right around Christmas, but now it's time to move along and bring back the flowers and sunshine. Winter is not a cute look for me.

As I mentioned in my Christmas recap post, my mom is taking Clay, my sister and I to Florida for spring break and we're all so excited about the trip, we're already making preparations. And lemme tell ya, nothing feels more strange and out of place than ordering a bikini in January. I refuse to try it on until the week before we leave. This pasty skin against that adorable blue tribal print? Uh huh. No way.

Clay and I had an awesome 3-day weekend together and here are some highlights:

First of all, I slept like I was in hibernation mode. Just look at the series of alarms I set for myself on Saturday morning (and I slept right through each one):

Friday night Clayton and I joined Justin and Jamie at Buffalo Wild Wings to celebrate Ms. Jamie's birthday (Clayton hopped up on Lortab and trying to sit on a bar stool? Priceless.), and I got to hang out with a couple of old work chums that I haven't seen in quite awhile. The evening was great, and it was a refreshing change of pace to have a conversation dominated by literature. I'm pretty sure we talked about Stephen King for almost an hour ... and zombies, of course.

Saturday was beautiful and I took advantage of the warm weather by making it a point to be outside whenever possible. That morning, Clayton dropped me off downtown and I ran the 8 miles back home on the trail. Have I ever mentioned how much I love this trail? Our city is consistently adding to it in an effort to make sure it's accessible from nearly anywhere in town. The best part? I'm within running distance of the nearest entry point.

When I arrived home sweaty and content from my run, I discovered a lovely bouquet of flowers waiting for me on the table. They were Clayton's way of thanking me for being his personal nurse last week. How sweet!

That night, after reheating my all-day pasta sauce (recipe forthcoming) the hubs took me out for dessert at our favorite frozen yogurt place in town—Red Mango! I filled my dish with their birthday cake flavor (duh) and topped it with fresh strawberries, raspberries, MnM's, Reese's cups and rainbow sprinkles. The best part of Red Mango is that its virtually fat free and contains all sorts of super good for you probiotics that make it almost careless NOT to eat a giant bowl every weekend. The only downside? They charge you by weight and well, you know that how goes.

We ate our treat in the car because Red Mango's dining area was full of college students
and if there's one thing I do not like to enjoy with my frozen yogurt, it's college students.

After dessert, Clayton took me over to our Half-Priced Books outlet and I snagged a hardcover copy of Jen Lancaster's My Fair Lazy for only $1! Seriously, this store is quickly becoming my favorite addiction and knowing that they restock their shelves with new shipments every Tuesday makes stopping by the store a weekly excursion. I only like to buy books I've already read and know I will re-read several times throughout my life, and this store is the perfect place to find them for dirt cheap!

Sunday night we joined our friends Jacob, Colby and a super pregnant Ireli to watch the AFC championship football game and the only thing I like more than seeing my friends is watching Tom Brady lose.

Ireli made a batch of yummy guacamole for the occasion and I contributed some of the most festive cookies on the planet. Check these out:

Do you know what these are? These are birthday CAKE chocolate chip cookies from scratch and yes, they taste just as amazing as they look. (Rainbow sprinkles baked into cookies? It's like a color explosion baked inside!) Thanks to the high-quality baking mat my in-law's gave me for Christmas and the oven thermometer we installed, I am no longer guilty of completely ruining every cookie I come in contact with. I've finally mastered my crotchety old oven! The consistency and size of the cookies were spot on (soft, but not falling apart) and I was ridiculously proud of myself. I danced around the kitchen with one of the cookies in my hand for an embarrassing amount of time.

The cookies I left behind for Clayton and I didn't even last until the next afternoon.

And of my gosh, just look at this cookie dough! I scarfed down so much dough while preparing the baking sheets, I'm surprised I had enough leftover to actually bake cookies. (And please ignore Clayton's blue Netie Pot in the background. It's for irrigating his nose post-surgery and yes, we're both very well aware of what the spout of that thing looks like.)

Oh, and I should totally mention that I touched my first ever preggo belly this weekend! This is Colby and Ireli's second baby, but this is the first time I've had enough nerve to flat-out ask her if I could feel up her tummy. I've heard from numerous women how annoying and rude it is to have people constantly grabbing at their stomachs, but she's my best friend so I didn't think it would hurt to ask.

Not only was she more than willing to comply, she grabbed my hand and pushed it against her stomach and wouldn't let me move it until I felt their baby girl move. She even playful poked and prodded at her tummy to wake up the baby and after several minutes of awkwardly molesting my friend's middle, I felt the baby move!

I'm not sure what I thought pregnant bellies felt like (I'd heard that they were hard?), but this was just ordinary belly with an extraordinary little life inside of it. It was pretty awesome, I'm not gonna lie.

How was your weekend? What's on the agenda for you this week?


  1. Beautiful flowers! What a treat! Your alarm app on your phone looks just like mine! I have like ten different alarms. I want to try those cookies. And I am completely jealous of your Friday night. Both the food and the conversation. Did someone say Stephen King?

    1. Oh yeah! People kept rattling off names of his books and I was like, "My sister has that one!" ha ha!

  2. Those birthday cookies look AMAZING! I must bake a batch for myself. Recipe? :)


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