Weekend recap!

Good morning/afternoon/evening/whenever-I-decide-to-post-this/whenever-you-decide-to-read-it!

I hope everyone is doing well! Clayton’s and my weekend started off promising with a relaxing dinner out (Hello, Christmas gift cards to our favorite restaurants!) and movie night on the couch, but it ended on a sour note when he started feeling super icky on Sunday night. My poor baby is at home from work sick today, unable to sleep, and laying in a miserable heap on our recliner. I’m anxious for him to feel better because I don’t want anything to impede his nose surgery on Friday (have I mentioned that to you guys yet?), so I’m trying to be the best nurse possible.

Clay is scheduled to have surgery on his deviated septum on the 11th. His nose has been chronically clogged for well over 2 years now and honestly, neither he nor I can remember what life is like without him constantly blowing his nose, using a Nettie pot, or popping nasal decongestants. A few doctors have passed his symptoms off as just a severe sinus infection, but a more recent doctor visit confirmed that his septum is almost at a complete angle and is preventing his nose from properly draining. This perfectly explains the nasal blockage as well as that scary weekend when he experienced cranial swelling and looked like a creature from a Frankenstein movie.

So if you are a praying person, I would greatly appreciate a few mentions of my hubby during your next conversation with God. We’ve really been looking forward to this surgery (though it terrifies me because I’m Mrs. Worrywart and absolutely HATE the idea of him being put under again) and we don’t want to have to delay it.

Clayton is a sucker for some good ol’ comfort food and he constantly makes requests for breakfast casserole for dinner. This weekend I complied, and Saturday night I baked a sausage casserole stuffed to the gills with golden brown hash browns and cheddar cheese. This was probably my best casserole to date and I credit the cup of Bisquick I added to the egg as the ingredient that took this dish from ordinary to extraordinary. I mean, who doesn't love brinner?

At around midnight that same evening, I got the baking bug and whipped up a batch of cookie bars. Molly has made these on several occasions and I finally got around to asking her where she found her recipe. These delicious cookie bars can be credited to Lizzy of Lizzy Goes Dutch, and I highly recommend making them yourselves for a quick treat with minimal mess and clean-up.

I seriously don’t think these will last too long in our house. 

One particularly awesome highlight of my weekend was Clayton's and my excursion to the local flea market. Neither of us had plans to do much else besides browse the booths, but I stumbled upon something so perfect and so long-sought-after that I absoultey had to buy it.

I've eyeballed barn wood signs with this exact saying on Etsy.com for months now, but could never bring myself to spend almost $100 on a piece of wood that I could probably find myself if I just wandered outside long enough. I fell in love with this quote because it's a very cute, tongue-in-cheek way to say what I've always strongly believed about Clayton and I (though you'd be hard pressed to find any couple that didn't think their own relationship was the best thing on the planet). For less than a 1/4 of the cost on Etsy, we made this barn wood sign ours! It's the perfect compliment to our living room and just the thing I was looking for to hang over our large book case.

I also got oodles of running in this weekend, including a 7-miler that carried me through some rather pretty snow flurries. I ran from our townhouse to the trail and was pleasantly surprised to see that the entire route had been plowed and cleared. I joyously ran through my favorite leg of Clear Creek Trail for the first time in months and maintained a pretty decent pace. 

Trying hard to make it look like I'm not super winded.
I’m actually really surprised I was able to keep all of my miles under an 8:30 min/mile pace because I’ve dialed back my weekday runs quite a bit and was afraid I’d be too tired to tackle 7 miles, let alone 7 quick miles. But I’m only a few weeks out from the beginning of my training plan for the upcoming Hoosier Half marathon and I’m so scared of the race, I feel like I need to be in as good of shape as possible just to train for it! I stupidly read several blog reviews of this half marathon and learned that there isn’t a flat stretch of ground that is longer than 1/10th of a mile throughout the entire course. To say I need to be prepared to work harder than I ever have before is a complete understatement. 

But perhaps the absolute best part of my weekend was Sunday afternoon when I drove to Indianapolis to meet up with my best friend from high school who has been living in New Zealand for the past several years. I haven’t physically seen her since the summer of 2010 and I'm beyond ecstatic that she's back in the states permanently. What I love most about our friendship is that we can go several years without seeing one another, but the second we get together it’s like no time has passed at all. Having friends like that is rare and I am very grateful that we still have an active role in each others' live, no matter how vastly different they become at times.

After sipping on coffee at a quiet Irish pub, we wandered around the Circle Centre mall because it was too darn cold outside to do anything else. I didn't think to bring my camera and capture our mini reunion, but I guess a photo from our “Brittany and Courtney's Reunion Bash 2010” will have to suffice:

Happy Monday!


  1. LOVVVE your flea market find!!! I'm always on the hunt for cool vintage-y stuff like that!

    Look at you out running in the cold & snow! I always get so ambitious to run when it's cold (b/c I really do like it), but then doing cardio in the warmth of my den always wins. One of my goals for this year is to run more, since I tend to lift & forget that I need to do cardio, too, to balance it all out, so here's hoping I can get motivated when the cold weather eases up a bit in March or April!! :-)


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