Things I Love Thursday

Good afternoon and welcome to another round of Things I Love Thursday!

I don't know about you, but this week has absolutely flown by! I woke up on Monday morning, blinked, and now it's Thursday.

But I'm not complaining. One day closer to Friday is one day closer to unfettered sleeping and copious amounts of reading (I'm such a book hog. Thanks, Half-Priced Books Outlet store for being an enabler). And Clayton promised to take me to see Identity Thief this weekend because I have an inextinguishable love for Melissa McCarthy.

Let's get started ...

Everything in the Spring 2013 Fossil catalog. Since Clayton bought me one of their watches for my birthday, we now receive Fossil catalogs on the regular. Clayton normally tries hide clothing catalogs from me (a wise move), but this one somehow squeaked through and I spent the better part of a half hour eye-humping its pages while we watched the IU basketball game last night. Pastel colors are infectious and the moment department stores start putting them on display, I begin itching for spring. This season, Fossil is really honing in on the trendy hues of peach and turquoise and I am in loooooooove!

ParaNorman. If you like The Walking Dead or just have a general interest in zombies, you'll probably love ParaNorman.  Clayton rented this movie for me last week so I could entertain myself while he worked on homework. (I think he thinks I'm a toddler. He's mostly right.) The stop-motion animation is slightly awkward and exaggerated (there's a lot of emphasis on hips, bellies and that odd frontal orb some men with beer bellies develop), but it's actually a visually stunning movie. The subject matter is rather intense (death, ghosts, zombies) and a lot of the humor is a little too questionable for kids, so I don't know why these types of movies are continuously marketed towards younger audiences. But for me, a 27 year-old woman who indulged in red wine while watching it, ParaNorman was hilarious, inappropriate, overtly sexual and creepyeverything I look for in a good cartoon.

This crocheted squid from Handmade by Angela. While too terrifying and unsettling for someone like me to actually keep in their home, the beautiful thread colors and intricate stitching on this squid are nothing short of impressive. But paying $85 for something I'm going to immediately rip apart and bury in my backyard to deter a poltergeist seems a bit steep.

This picture. I dare you to look at it and not smile. I DARE you. (If you don't smile, then I wish you the best of luck living life with a soul as black as the dark side of the moon). I am such a sucker for big ol' hound ears! Sometimes I flop Joey on his back just like this, grab his paws, and pretend like he's conducting an invisible orchestra. Why? Because pet parents don't get out enough.

What are some things you're currently loving?