My sister emailed me this morning letting me know that Walgreens is offering 40% off all photo products, and I just uploaded 160 pictures to be printed. We don't even have a Walgreens nearby, but I am perfectly willing to drive 10 miles to another city for a batch of photos I saved almost $20 on ordering. I've been meaning to get photos printed for YEARS, but we all know what happens when I say I want to do something ...

... I usually don't do it.

Unless it has something to do with running, shopping or eating. I always manage to accomplish anything dealing with those activities.

I'm not a big scrapbooker like my sister, so half the work in storing my photographs is already finished.

Step 1: Print photos (done)
Step 2: Slap them into a photo album

Then have a snack and relax because you're done!

I do have plans on continuing the running scrapbook Ashley started for me, but luckily I only have a few races each year and won't have to rot too many brain cells trying to creatively design dozens of pages (plus, I'll just follow her same layouts). I consider myself a rather creative person, but scrapbooking is like, a whole different level of skill (and patience) that I just don't have.

While sorting through old photos, I found tons of long-forgotten pictures I've snapped of Clayton over the past 10 years of our life together. He's so dreamy. He's like a bearded Greek god with less of a tan who brings me bags of Sour Patch kids on his way home from work.

Sorry, I'm feeling extremely mushy and nostalgic about my hubby right now because I'm worrying myself into a tizzy over his surgery tomorrow. We've been through a surgery before and even though everything went totally fine, I'm dreading be confronted with the same unsettling image againClayton laying in a hospital gurney, tubes snaking from both his nose and arms, and waiting to be wheeled into the operating room.

It's a routine procedure and there's no real threat of complication (*knocks on wood REPEATEDLY*), but no wife wants to see her spouse in that situation. It makes me feel helpless and scared, and I'm just not looking forward to experiencing that again.

However, a dear member of our family is currently suffering through the final stages of cancer, and knowing that surgery for a deviated septum is absolutely nothing compared to that kind of heartache has helped snap me out of my self-inflicted pity party rather quickly. I'm so thankful that other than a completely jacked-up nose, Clayton is healthy and will make a full recovery (*again, knocks on wood*).

I'm not sure if I will get around to blogging tomorrow. Being as the doctor who is handling this procedure runs the most competent medical office in town (I wish there was a sarcasm font. They're actually terrible. I honestly feel like I'm going to have to remind them that they are working on his nose tomorrow before they wheel him back to the operating room.), we still don't know what time the surgery is. That's right, we still don't know what time his surgery TOMORROW is.

So, it could be in the morning, it could be in the afternoon, or it could be sometime next year. We just don't know.

I'll keep you posted. We have a long, painful few weeks ahead of us. A co-worker of mine had the same procedure and said it's a doozy. Prayers and kind words are always appreciated.

I love you, Clayton.


  1. Praying all goes well tomorrow! You're right, no spouse likes that situation. I'd rather it be me in surgery than my husband. I hate feeling helpless.

    Love the Braves pic! =)


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