Mid-week motivation

Pardon my French, but this has been the week from HELL. I haven't come up for air at all since arriving at the office at 8:00 a.m. on Monday morning, and if I don't get a nap and a hug soon, I'm going to snap.

The first week of classes is always chaotic for us here at the college, but something about this semester feels more cumbersome than the last. Nothing is going right, everyone is completely over-extended and students keep coming into my office and asking me the most annoying questions. Seriously, what about the sign on the door reading "Human Resources" translates into "We cater to the student population"?

Ugh, I know it's the first week of classes and students are lost and/or confused, and that's not their fault. I should really cut the kiddos some slack. I'm just crabby because Looper was a terrible movie, and I squandered almost two hours of my life trying to watch it yesterday (when I have a grudge, I just can't let it go).

Is it really only Wednesday? (Funny, I asked myself the same thing yesterday"Is it really only Tuesday?")

Oh, wine weekend, how I need you!

I am so looking forward to a stress-reducing workout tonight. Then the hubs and I will be using the last of our Christmas gift certificates for dinner at one of our favorite local spotsSweet Grass. Nothing can make a hectic work week fade away faster than a plate of fried green tomatoes.

How about some mid-week motivation?

I want this girl's core ... and tan.

Can I get an "Amen"? This is SO the week I'm having.

This looks delicious! Makes me want to march right home and cook a hearty, healthy meal!
Good food ALWAYS perks me right up!

I hope everyone is having a good week. Happy Hump Day and if you're struggling today, it will get better! 

Curious, what do you do to calm yourself down after a crazy day? How do you punch stress in the face?


  1. Good question... I'm totally with you on the food thing, cooking a good meal or doing some baking always helps me destress. Going for a long walk or run, just me and my thoughts (and iPod - I don't have that many thoughts), and wine - but not at the moment - does help :) Hope the rest of the week goes fast and next week is MUCH better!

    1. Oh man, music is a great way to destress! Sometimes the best way for me to unwind is to completely shut my brain off ... music helps with that. So does reading. A great escape!

  2. Reading - if I can just come home and be quiet and read for 30 minutes, I'm right as rain. Even if it's not quiet and a certain someone understands that I'm not going to start comprehending what he's saying until I finish the sentence/page/chapter, then it's still all good. :)


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