Karma's annoying

I love Grumpy Cat.
Yesterday I admitted that I am a self-proclaimed annoying jerk to my husband. I try to get on his nerves for sport (we have a very healthy marriage), and in an ironic twist of karma, I'm also probably one of the most easily annoyed people on the planet.

95% of the time I consider myself to be a pretty easy-going individual, but I unfortunately have the ability to go from placid to ready to punch someone in the face very quickly.

Not like I'd ever physically harm someone.

Unless that someone was a giant, hairy spider hanging out on my living room wall.

... or even a tiny spider.

I'd punch that tiny spider right in its tiny little face. I'd punch that tiny spider right in front of its tiny spider family.

I hate spiders.

Anyway, I am very easily annoyed and it's an idiosyncrasy I have to fight against every single day. My hot buttons for agitation are anything pertaining to disrespect and thoughtlessness. Sometimes other people's complete and blatant disregard for those around them sets me off to the point where I'm ready to snap.

Please click here for exhibit A 

I don't know why other people being inconsiderate grates so heavily on my nerves, but it surely does. It's possible that it's because I'm so overly concerned with how I'm being perceived by others, I just expect other people to be, too. I'm don't know. I'm sure there's a perfectly logical explanation that Freud or one of his nerdy friends have written about in one of the many articles I didn't read for my psychology class.

For the past 5 days, just like clockwork, I've been jolted awake at exactly 6:35 a.m. by my neighbor's car. It's been rather nippy in our neck of the woods for the past several weeks and most of us have grown pretty accustomed to starting our vehicles and giving them a chance to warm up before we head off to work. That's fine and dandy. I do it, too. I hate scraping frost off of my car, and letting it run for about 15 minutes before I leave totally eliminates that problem.

However, my neighbor drives a jeep that I'm pretty sure was manufactured right around the same time the pilgrims landed on Plymouth Rock and it has a muffler that sounds like it's being held together with duct tape and chewing gum. This morning I could have sworn there was even a dead cat shoved up its tail pipe.

So every morning, without fail, my neighbor down the street comes outside to warm up his jeep and it's so gosh darn loud, I'm unable to sleep. I'm in a room at the back of our townhouse and I have a large fan running at full blast right next to my side of the bed, but I still am thrust from my pleasant dreams every time he turns on the engine.

Being that I'm a good distance away from this junker jeep and am startled awake by its engine, I think it's a pretty safe bet that I'm not the only neighbor disturbed by this.

Did I mention that this happens every morning right at 6:35 a.m. on the dot? And did I also mention that this is exactly 15 minutes before my alarm goes off?

It doesn't taking a Freud or any kind of rocket scientist to tell you how freakin' annoying that is!

So every morning for the past week I've laid in bed, staring angrily at the ceiling and waiting for my neighbor to finally leave for work. After several agonizing minutes, right when I accept that sleep is over and done with for the morning, I hear the door slam and listen as the jeep rumbles into the distance (and I promise you, you can hear that thing for a solid five minutes after it leaves the neighborhood, it's THAT loud).

Now, I'm not chastising this individual for having a crummy, old car. I don't know his life, I don't know his financial situation. Maybe a beloved relative left him that jeep in a will and he'd feel too guilty to ever part with it? Maybe he has a large family to feed and food on the table takes precedence over a new vehicle? Maybe he just legitimately loves that rickety old beast of a car?

And that's totally okay. That's awesome.

But what really grinds my gears is that this person isn't too concerned about waking up the whole neighborhood by turning on his car every morning. He doesn't care, and why should he? He's already awake. It's not bothering him.  As long as he has a warm car to ride in, it's no skin off his back.

So then I find myself waking up every morning with a dilemma. What would I like to see happen in this situation? Ideally, the best outcome would be for his car to not wake me up in the morning, but that would be at the expense of my neighbor not having a warm car on a blustery winter day. And as much of a jerk as I think I am sometimes, I'd never want someone's tushy to be cold on account of me.

It's a lose-lose. Looks like I'll just have to start waking up 15 minutes earlier every morning ...

... and that is so annoying.


  1. I LOVE this post.

    People being inconsiderate (Is there a noun form of that word? Inconsiderance? Inconsiderateness? There we go.) is also one of my biggest pet peeves. I'm a DC Metro rider two commutes a day, and if there is a pregnant or disabled person standing, who nobody is giving up their seat for, I fly into a legit wicked-witch-of-the-west rage. I actually think the only times I've ever yelled at strangers in public have been when I'm on, in, or around the DC Metro. I don't even yell at strangers during hockey games, or political rallies, or even in college when I was doing guerrilla improv and I was TOLD to yell at strangers. I couldn't do it. Only on the metro.



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