Domo arigato, Mr. Roboto

Admittedly, I am the kind of girl who lives for the weekend. Since joining the full-time work force, I've always viewed Monday through Friday afternoon as something one merely has to "get through" in order to move on to the good stuff. (The only exception being when I worked at home as a freelancer. That spoiled me.) Unless it's currently softball or volleyball season, my weeknights are usually chalk full of "responsibilities" and "things I don't really want to do", save for a few television shows waiting in my DVR queue.

But Tuesday night was actually pretty awesome and it has definitely served as inspiration to keep making weeknight plans and finding new little things to look forward to all week long!

Last night we met Dan and Emily at one of our favorite, though oftentimes completely overlooked due to its location, restaurants on our side of town. Domo is a Japanese steak and sushi house, but anytime I've ever dined there it has been for one thing and one thing only—hibachi.

For those of you who aren't hip to hibachi and all that it entails, it's essentially watching your food be prepared right in front of your face with fun, campy knife and spatula tricks from a trained chef.

I tried to take this photo really fast so as not to look like a total creeper.

I ordered the vegetarian hibachi dinner not because I'm a vegetarian, but because if there's one thing I love, it's stir fry-esque veggies. My entree came with enough broccoli, zucchini, carrots, squash and cabbage to feed a small army ... or just me. Either way, I ate everything on my plate. Every hibachi meal comes with yakisoba (fried noodles), rice and two of the best sauces that have ever passed these lips. (One is called "Yum Yum Sauce" for a reason!)

I seriously needed a pair of maternity pants after that meal ... or anything with an elastic waistband, really.

But there's always room for dessert! (Always!)

Ireli took her son and a few other kiddos she looks after on a museum trip in Indianapolis on Monday and while up there, she visited one of her favorite bakeries. She raved about Gigi's to me over the weekend and was so excited for me try it out for myself, she totally brought a cupcake back home for me. (Bless her heart!)

After hibachi, we swung by her house so I could pick up my little frosted friend. I want to say the cupcake was chocolate peanut butter (I can't remember for sure. I only know that it was delicious.) and the icing was, get this, COOKIE DOUGH.

I didn't even get my coat off before I crammed the cupcake into my face. Full from dinner? Yes. Too full for dessert? Never.

I recently came to the conclusion that my favorite part of cake is the icing, and icing that tastes like cookies is almost too much for me and my per-diabetic heart to take. Between icing that tastes like cookies and these cookies that taste like cake, I'm surprised I haven't spontaneously combusted from happiness (and mild taste bud confusion).

After I came back down from my sugar high, I took to the books and did my very first collegiate homework assignment in almost 6 years. (Wow, I just dated myself.)

My online class is pretty straight-forward and given that it's a 100-level class, nothing has been (or probably will be) overly complicated. I simply had to outline the first chapter of our textbook and then post the answers to a few questions on the course's discussion board.

My professor said the outline only had to be a full page, but I turned in four.

I answered the discussion questions in complete sentences contained in very organized paragraphs.

I left lengthy, thoughtful responses on my fellow classmates' discussion posts while they only left single sentences of feedback on mine. (Journalism has made me rather wordy and makes it near impossible for me to write anything professionally or academically without going balls deep.)

In other words, I'm the obnoxious kid in class. If this course was in an actual classroom setting, I'd be the kid sitting in the front row and raising my hand for every question while giving the stink eye to anyone who dare talk to their friends during class.

Who am I?

Seriously, I was never like this in high school or when I was earning my bachelor's degree. Perhaps I'm more invested this time around because I don't have to be taking these class—I want to. While other students are here because this class fulfills some random requirement for their degree, I'm just generally interested in the subject.

And I won't have outrageous student loans when I'm finished. 

Regardless, I got all of my homework done 4 days early and I wanted nothing more than to call my mom and brag about it. 

How was your Tuesday? What kinds of things do you do for fun during the week?


  1. Gigi's cupcakes are the greatest!!! I usually try to split my Gigi's cupcake consumption into two sittings. They may or may not happen to be in the same day, or only hours apart, but it makes me feel better. :) I haven't tried the one you had but I have eyed it, and I have never had a flavor I didn't love. Dang it, now I need to find out where the cupcake truck is so I can stalk it and get a Gigi's cupcake during my lunch. Thanks a lot!!!

  2. Bahahaha :) Glad you loved it! I have been staring at mine, savouring it for last since I know I likely won't get up to Indy again anytime soon. I always enjoy reading your blogs


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