Courtney Confessions

Happy Friday!

I thought I would catapult you guys into the weekend with a rousing round of Courtney Confessions (AKA, I had absolutely nothing else to blog about today).

Unless you would like to hear about my new pair of dress pants that feel like they're cutting off the circulation to my butt?


Okay then; confessions it is.

Wednesday I hit the Twittersphere with some real truth (but you wouldn't know this if you don't follow me on Twitter. And if you don't follow me on Twitter, shame on you). Clay and I have had a couple of discussions and are currently in the process of selecting a date for when we can make this goal a reality. Of course, it's all contingent on when we estimate Clayton to be finished with school and how long it takes him to find a job he loves, but just being able to give ourselves a goal year for me to be able to follow my dreams is a huge step in the right direction.

I'm currently crushing on cobalt blue and anything in its color family. In the past, I've gravitated towards warm colors and warm colors only. If a shirt came in pink or blue, I'd always go for the pink. But now I'm realizing that not only have my tastes shifted, but cooler/neutral tones actually look better on me than warm. (Unless I'm tan. When I'm bronzed, yellow and coral are like, my power colors).  
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Wow, this picture is from 2008.
Yesterday I bit Clayton's nipple so hard, he had to take his shirt off to make sure he wasn't bleeding. Contrary to how it sounds, this incident was not at all sexual in nature. Rather, that was just a well-deserved consequence for pulling down my pants and tripping me in the hallway.

I have this look on my face every time I play softball. Every. Time.
All of the scars I've acquired from my 26 combined years of softball and volleyball (I started softball in kindergarten and volleyball in 4th grade) no longer bother me. I used to be really insecure about wearing shorts and skirts, self-conscious about baring my numerous scrapes and bumps for the world to see. I thought the pink scars from sliding into bases made my legs look ugly. Now I see them as my little badges of honor, as evidence of an active life. I'm proud of my athleticism and I want to look I actually do things, not just stand around like a delicate wallflower.

I hope you all have a great weekend!


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