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Wednesday, January 09, 2013

Sometimes I worry that I will never feel the maternal pull for children. Mostly because I hate the idea of somebody else taking my husband's attention. I don't like sharing. I like having dogs.

Never have I ever been more depressed than the day I learned that one flute of champagne has about 140-160 calories.

I am positively OBSESSED with the soundtrack to Pitch Perfect. Apparently my mom and sister watched the movie about a dozen times before we arrived on Christmas Eve, but they loved it so much they were willing to watch it again with Clayton and I. Clay liked the movie just about as much as a grown man is expected to like a movie about an all-girl glee club, but I was smitten (I was a die-hard choir chick in elementary school). I've been working out to some of their music for weeks now!

I know I'm extremely late to the party, but Pam Beesley and Jim Halpert's relationship on The Office is one of my most favorite things ever. At the end of the season 3 finale when Jim interrupts Pam's camera interview and FINALLY asks her out on a date in the most casual way possible? Amazing. And when she turns back to the camera with a stupefied, dreamy smile on her face and says, "I'm sorry, what was the question?", I clutched my Kindle Fire to my bosom and literally wept with happiness. I'm hold strong to my belief that Clayton and I are the best couple in the history of love, but PB&J's is definitely a close second.

Do you have anything you'd like to confess today?

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  1. Perfect Pitch is the BEST movie! Pam and Jim's relationship is adorable, but I like Lily and Marshall from How I Met Your Mother the best!

    1. Lily and Marshall ARE cute! I've seen very few episodes of that show, but I did enjoy the one where they were trying to remember how they met in college. Pretty funny!

  2. oh my gosh, david and i have watched all of the office seasons multiple times. usually twice a year we watch all of the seasons completely through. and it never fails - at that exact scene you mentioned where jim asks pam out to dinner, we both have tears streaming down our face every time we watch it. just wait until their wedding. you'll be a mess! so we LOVE jim and pam too. i think it's season 4 where you'll see a love interest of michael scott that you will fall in love with.

    sorry - i just went on an office rampage.

    1. ok so now i hate myself because i was thinking about this and thought that i might have just ruined something for you in PB&J's storyline! i'm sooooo sorry if i did!! i guess i assume that it's common knowledge! i mean everyone knows pam and jim, right?!

      but maybe they don't get married?? maybe i'm just trying to play with your mind. you must keep watching!

      ugh. remind me to never talk about the office with you again.

    2. Ha ha! It's totally okay! I already know they get married! Plus, I just watched an episode last night where Jim pulls a ring out of his pocket and was like, "I bought this the first week we started dating". I almost died. SO CUTE.

      Clayton has watched the series a few times, and he's RE-watching it yet again and is on like, season 7 already since he watches it both at home and at work. I walked into the living room just a few days ago and he had it up on Netflix and I read an episode description and it mentioned something about A BABY.

      So yeah, a lot of it has been spoiled for me already. You didn't ruin anything! Don't worry! :)

  3. Love the confessions! My Dad and my brother are probably as obsessed with The Office as you, your mum and your sister are with Pitch Perfect... But it's a pretty hilarious movie! No confessions really, except that I wasn't even feeling the maternal pull until only a couple of months ago when I was half way into my pregnancy (and sometimes it still comes and goes... Haha)... I don't think it's too much to worry about :)

  4. i haven't seen Pitch Perfect yet but I've been wanting to! maybe this weekend!


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