Winter Break Part 2

I just have to say: now that Christmas is officially over, all Christmas decorations and holiday-themed garb needs to disappear ... like right now. I hit my limit on December 26th and now I'm ready to move with my life.

... and right on over to Valentine's Day.

Just kidding.

Our tree is shedding pine needles like crazy because we bought it so early in the season, but we aren't taking it down until New Year's Day (because we're lazy) and I have to continue to stare at a half-dead pine tree for the next 4 days. It's actually kind of morbid.

But I am now on the second leg of my winter vacation and in anticipation of not doing diddlysquat today other than catching up with The Office on Netflix, I was a busy beaver getting chores done last night.

After making my first ever batch of red chili (that I burned terribly on the bottom because our stove doesn't simmer stews and soups so much as catches them on fire. But don't worry, it still tasted quite good and most of it was salvageable), I got to work on a typography project for the wall outside of our bathroom.

I've always really liked typography and experimented with it quite often when I worked as a marketing specialist a few years ago, but I never got exceptionally good at it. My working knowledge of all graphic design is pretty primitive, but I still enjoy the craft enough to come back to it whenever I can (I was ridiculously excited to find that I have Adobe Creative Suite on my work computer again!). Several weeks ago I had some down time at the office and decided to type up a few of my favorite quotes. Then, after giving my mom some gorgeous Italian cuisine posters as a Christmas present this year, she gave me the old art work from her kitchen to make room for the new.

I promptly removed the art from the frames and used them for my typography prints.

I read in a recent article that hanging framed quotes in your house is a phenomenon that needs to die a thousand deaths, but I don't care. Having your favorite quotes and wise words around your house is motivational, inspiring and a cheap way to decorate.

So there, Buzzfeed. Stick that in your pipe and smoke it.

And I totally promised you guys a few snapshots from the running scrapbook my sister made me for Christmas, so here they are! I wanted to take pictures of every single page, but that would have taken forever. But here's a nice sampling of the awesome work she did!

The Bible verse that I used for my tattoo!

I love this page! It's from this summer's Color Run and I love the paint splatters she used!

Isn't it great? I seriously can't stop looking at it. I am a huge sucker for surprises, especially ones that are thoughtful and demonstrate a lot of hard work. I sincerely hope she enjoyed putting it together even a single iota of how much I enjoy flipping through it. She's the best! :)

Happy Friday, everyone! I hope you all have a good weekend! And to my Indiana friends, stay warm and continue to enjoy the never-ending blanket of white snow!


  1. Buzzfeed don't know squat! (i hope when you read this comment it sounds as good as it does in my head right now.) Typography around the house keeps things interesting. You can really tell a lot about a person by what words inspire them.


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