Things I Love Thursday!

I've been fervently asking God for snow this Christmas (but only if He has time. I imagine He's rquite busy with other more important, more pressing matters.), but I was jolted awake at 5:30 this morning by the sound of booming thunder. When I left my house for work, I got dumped on by buckets of rain.

So close, God. So close.

Last night I decided to shake things up and tried a fitness class at our YMCA. My sister-in-law graciously gave me several "try a class for free!" passes (a great perk to working at a gym) and I drug an unwilling Clayton to a Cardio Core Fusion class. According to the YMCA's website, the Cardio Core Fusion class is a fun alternative to the Insanity program and given Clay's experience with P90X, I was really hoping he'd enjoy himself.

Since it's the week before Christmas, the gym was pretty empty and Clayton and I ended up being the only two people in the session. Shyla, our instructor, was more than willing to comply with us newbies, so it was almost like we got a free personal training session.

And lemme tell ya, Cardio Core Fusion is one of the best workouts I've done in awhile! The class was divided in equal parts cardio followed by less intensive weight lifting. It went more of less like this: warm-up, 4 minutes of cardio, targeted arm weights, 4 minutes of cardio, abs, 4 minutes of cardio, targeted legs plus chest and back, 4 minutes of cardio, abs, cool-down stretching.

Every burst of cardio was to Bruno Mar's "Runaway Baby" which delighted me to my very core (literally, given the name of the class) because that song has recently become my go-to power song during my runs. I was having so much fun, I kept looking at Clayton and mouthing, "I am having SO MUCH fun!"

And our instructor was awesome! Shyla is an avid kickboxer and had the impressive guns and glutes to prove it (And I'm so awkward that during class I shouted, "I JUST LOVE YOUR ARMS!"). She did an excellent job of showing us the moves and kept the energy level up the entire workout, despite only having two pupils in her class. She could teach me how to tie my shoes, and I'd still be captivated.

I am happy to report that I made it through the class with energy to burn. Apparently my at-home weight routine and mystifying love of squats and lunges already put me ahead of the game. I definitely felt the burn, but it didn't tucker me out or slow me down like I was afraid it would. It left me secretly beaming and feeling extremely proud of all the hard work I put into my fitness.

But enough about me, who wants to hear about some things I love? ... Which still very much makes this about me.

Cheap-o nail polish. I used to consider OPI the holy grail of nail polishes, but time and experience painting my own nails has taught me that more money doesn't always equal better quality. I find that the cheap brands of polish produce color that actually lasts longer and chips much less than its more pricey counterparts. I haven't dropped more than $2 on a bottle of nail polish in several years, and yesterday I scored this one-coat glitter shade for practically pennies on the dollar. I've been searching high and low for a thick glittery polish and not only does this one dry almost immediately, I seriously only needed one coat to achieve this look!

This cashmere owl sweater. The only thing cuter than an owl, is a NERDY owl. For a cool $188 at Bloomingdale's, I can make this undoubtedly luxurious sweater mine! In fact, I'd better get two.

This Wisdom by Winston Tote from Mod Cloth. My fascination with owls will forever be drastically overshadowed by my love of dogs. I can't look at this bag for a second without gasping, "D'awwww!" (I mean, just wook at his wittle glasses!) I would absolutely love to take this studious pug with me to the grocery store or library. Where is the beagle version of this tote!?

This embossed wine rack from Pier 1 imports. We have a very boring black wire wine rack that I acquired randomly before we were married and it holds four measly bottles of wine. This wine rack is beautiful as a stand-alone piece that holds 14 (count them: 14!) bottles. I showed it to Clayton and he was like, "That entirely too much wine." To which I responded, "CHALLENGE ACCEPTED!"

What are some things you're loving?


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  1. must find that nail polish. and i love when animals wear glasses, i just wish they would wear them in real life because that would be adorable.

    1. That nail polish came from K-mart of all places!

      And I might just strap a pair of glasses on my beagle's head at all times.


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