My civic duty

Please bare with me because I am totally writing this post from my cell phone. Typos and weird spacing will run rampant, no doubt.

I probably won't get around to a weekend recap today because I have spent the entirity of my day crammed into a tiny room with dozens of people who don't know how to speak in their indoor voices or chew gum with their mouths closed, waiting to get the official word on whether or not we've been selected to sit on the jury for a trial.

I got my summons letter in October and was notified that I would be called to serve in the month of December. They clearly wasted no time in selecting my number, so here I sit on the first work day of the month with a "cross-section of my peers".

Within minutes of arriving, I was assigned to be juror number 2 and based on my incredibly impartial questionnaire answers and my fair, unbiased journalism roots, I can't imagine they are gonna ask me to leave. Only time will tell ...

Here is what I have learned so far from being called for jury duty:

--Jury duty is synonmous with waiting around for hours on end.

--Grown adults can't sit still and not complain for longer than 30 seconds.

--Performing the simplest of tasks without questioning something is darn near possible for adults, too.

--Being addressed by a judge instantly makes me start sweating.

--The battery life on my HTC One X blows.

--Everyone is busy and has super important things they needrd to do today and the best way to make up for not being able to do all of those super important things is to constantly remind the people around you about said things.

--Our group of potential jurors is surely the first group ever in the history of the judicial system to make a joke about ordering a pizza while we wait.

--And apparently that joke is hilarious.

--I have like, zero patience.

Happy Monday!