Mid-Week Motivation

Christmas is just around the corner.

Like, literally just around the corner! I could walk out my front door right this second, turn to my right and see Christmas on the horizon.

I can see Christmas from my house!

Of course you can, you Maverick, you.

I'm sure most of you are down to your final day(s) of work before you check out for your holiday vacations, but for those of us who are chained to our desks until Friday afternoon, here is some mid-week motivation to help get you over the final very merry Christmas hump:

If I only I could wake up in a good mood ... ha ha!

^^One of my very favorite Glee Christmas performances
... back when the show was still jaw-droppingly awesome.
Makes me incredibly excited to spend time with my family next week!

Step-by-step guide to move on to a better life, a better you!

It's never too late!

One of my favorite quotes! I struggle with this often.

I posted this for no reason other than it motivates me to go find some cake ...

I hope this makes someone else giggle as much as I did!

Happy Hump Day! Only 6 more days until Christmas! :)


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