Weekend recap

Everyone, together and with enthusiasm: HAPPY MONDAY!

Yeah, I didn't feel it either.


But hey, at least most of us only have a 3-day work week thanks to Turkey Day, so this certainly isn't the worst Monday on the planet.

And my hair just happens to look extra "newscaster-y" today. I wrapped my tresses in curlers this morning and while this amazing body and fullness is fleeting and will surely have disappeared by lunch, it was definitely worth all of the time and energy.

I look like a TV anchorwoman.
"Breaking news: The recent claims that Twinkies will survive the sale of Hostess in bankruptcy court
is further proof that anything stuffed with vanilla cream is freakin' amazing."

Awesome, a student just walked past the office while I was sitting in my desk chair, posing like an idiot for my camera phone.

Nothing to see here other than an example of extreme and blatant vanity. Move along, miss.

How was your weekend? Mine was pretty good, all things considered. As you know from Thursday's post, we spent the better part of Friday driving back and forth to Lexington, Kentucky for Clayton's uncle's funeral. Though the circumstances for making such a trip were grim, in a weird way it was really nice to see some of Clayton's paternal side of the family that we don't get to see very often. Clay's Uncle Rodger drove over 6 hours in a total blizzard to be at our wedding four years ago and though I didn't know him well, he seemed like an absolutely wonderful, godly man.

The drive took us about 7 hours total and I breezed right through Mindy Kaling's book, Is Everyone Hanging Out Without Me? (And Other Concerns). Her non-fiction collection of essays was hilarious and it further solidified that this is the type of book genre I'd like to see myself writing one day. Her observations were humorous, as well as heartfelt (and smart), and I could literally read every sentence in her unmistakable voice. She is one cool chick and an amazing comedic writer.

I'm not sure, but I might have even liked Kaling's book better than Tina Fey's! But shhhh! Don't tell Tina I said that.

I'm now working on Let's Pretend Like This Never Happened by Jenny Lawson and I really want to check out Rachel Dratch's book. 

Most of our weekend was spent in front of Netflix, catching up on episodes of 30 Rock. Clay has already seen the series in its entirity, but he loves it enough to sit through it all over again with me. We're on season 5 and I can already tell that once I'm through the series I'll feel a huge, gaping void that I will inevitably try to fill by watching The Office.

Is it sad that a television show can bring one person so much joy? Probably, but I don't care. I could never be one of those people that doesn't own a TV or who piously claims to never watch it. I love TV. There, I said it.

I think Liz Lemon and I would be besties in real life. In fact, Clayton pretty much confirmed that if I were single, I would be Liz Lemon. I shouldn't have, but I definitely took that as a compliment. In fact, I've told him numerous times that I want to name a dog after her ...

... or Astronaut Mike Dexter.

Saturday night we paused 30 Rock to visit my in-law's and celebrate my father-in-law's birthday. Teresa cooked his favorite rolled chicken and made her FAMOUS carrot cake with cream cheese icing. After dinner we played a few hands of Rummy and then it was back home to watch more 30 Rock.

Sunday was the laziest day of the weekend with, you guessed it, more 30 Rock. I did some light cleaning and while Clayton got his fill on Sunday afternoon football, I started (and surprisingly finished) a Christmas crafting project. Clay and I traditionally put our tree up the Saturday or Sunday after Thanksgiving (I'm already chomping at the bit to smell pine in my house), and I wanted to make sure that all of my holiday d├ęcor was ready to go!

Our townhouse has a small railing along part of the stairs and during the autumn months I like to wrap it with a leafy strand of fall garland. Honestly, I want something to be covering the railing at all times because we live in a rather old townhouse and that darn thing has been painted and re-painted so many times, it looks like a hot, chipping mess. Clay and I most recently tried to paint it ourselves, but we stupidly stored the paint in an old coffee can and now the railing has a "brown" tint to it (though it does smell like roasted coffee beans ... which is a plus). So I decided to be all Martha Stewart-y with my free time and made my own Christmas garland out of holiday fabric and twine.

No, I didn't come up with this idea on my own. Yes, I found it on Pinterest.

DIY fabric garland is stupidly easy. So easy, Courtney and a caveman could do it. I bought 1 yard of fabric in 3 different Christmas patterns (though a .5 a yard of each would have been PLENTLY for two stands of garland) and cut the fabric into strips 6 inch strips with pinking shears. Then, I simply tied the strips to a long piece of twine, alternating the different fabric patterns and spacing each bow of fabric about 1.5 inches apart.

Ta-da! Holiday garland!

I made two strands of equal length, one for the stairwell and the other for our makeshift holiday mantle in the living room. I figured having two strands was better than one since hopefully, when we have a house one day, we'll have a much bigger area to decorate.

The whole project cost $11 (I already had my own pinking shears which are absurdly expensive).

I tried a new recipe late in the week that I think you absolutely MUST try! I found the recipe for Broccoli Chicken Casserole here and it yielded so much food, Clay and I were able to comfortably eat this dish 2 days in a row. This casserole is a sneaky way to hide vegetables into meals if your spouse or children aren't the biggest fan of the healthy stuff. Lucky for me, Clay likes broccoli (and LOVES cheese), so this recipe was a winner.

And I burned the dickens out of my arm taking the casserole out of the oven!

And of course, I ran this weekend. I did my long run on Saturday and took my 7-miles at a slow, comfortable pace. I tried to run hills for the first time in awhile, and my legs weren't having any of it. I think 7 miles is too far for a long run when I'm not training for a half marathon, so I probably won't make it a habit. The last thing I want is for running to feel like a chore and Saturday it kind of did.

Sunday was an even easier recovery run around our neighborhood in the sunshine. My Garmin died on me, so I didn't time it or measure my distance and pace (which was surprisingly liberating). Just ran for about 25 minutes and then went inside and ate an entire box of cereal ...

... like a lady.

How was your weekend? Excited about your Thanksgiving plans!?