Weekend recap

Nothing like the sound of a beagle tossing his cookies first thing in the morning to start your work week off on the right foot! Luckily, Clayton was the only one in the room to actually witness Joey barfing on the carpet, so according to the made-up rules of our "Not It!" game, he was the one who had to clean up the mess.

Dodged a bullet on that one.

And guess what? It's snowing! I just ran out into the hallway and shoved my face against the window to see it for myself exclaiming, "Ooooo!" as students walked past, thoroughly embarrassing myself and sufficiently shattering the illusion that adults with full-time jobs are mature grown ups.

How was your weekend? Puking canine aside, I had quite a relaxing, quiet weekend that began on Friday afternoon when I left work early to pick up my mom's dog from the vet in Greenwood. My mom and sister were in Ohio with my nephew, so I did my mom a solid and offered to pick up her yellow lab and stay with him at her house on Friday night. My mom set me up with provisions (that included buffalo wings and a bottle of Asti Prosecco wine. A-thank you!), and Monte and I vegged on the couch painting our nails and watching back-to-back episodes of Raising Hope.

Since he had class until late, Clayton stayed behind at our house and we spent our evenings doing respective Courtney or Clayton things. I missed my hubby terribly, but the secret to any good marriage is the occasional period of alone time, so we both enjoyed ourselves thoroughly (I'm pretty sure he played video games for like 6 hours straight). And absence definitely does make the heart grow fonder because by the time I left my mom's house early Saturday afternoon, I was itching to cuddle his scruffy, bearded face.

I was very unhappy about not spending the evening with my birthday beagle, but rumor has it Joey just licked his paws for a few hours and then passed out in the arm chair.  

Before I left my mom's on Saturday, I made sure to take advantage of her neighborhood's stretches of flat sidewalks that sprawl for almost entire miles at a time. If I could conjure up the ideal residential area for running, my mom's neighborhood would be it! 6 miles passed by quickly in the unseasonably warm weather, and it's safe to say I've long since recovered from last Saturday's half marathon.

My only beef with Saturday's run was that it was a little too windy. At first the breeze felt amazing and with the early morning sun beating down on my head, I closed my eyes and briefly imagined myself running along the beach. However, I got sick of the "ocean breeze" very quickly and by mile 4 I ended up ripping my earbuds out completely because they kept blowing off.

After reuniting with Clayton, the two of us took off to run some errands on the east side of town that mostly entailed us wandering around Hobby Lobby looking at holiday d├ęcor. We purchased a few sets of ornament bulbs for a center piece I'm working on, as well as a "Happy Holidays!" sign that will look festively adorable on our makeshift mantel later in the season.

I accidentally uttered the word "sushi" in the car on our way to Hobby Lobby, so we threw our homemade enchilada plans out the window and gorged ourselves at Mr. Habachi's Chinese Buffet. Going out to eat is an ongoing joke for us because as soon as one of us even suggests we do anything other than cook at home, we instantly make up our minds that we'll be eating out. But then we'll insist on doing this awkward little dance where we pretend like we're going to make something at home and we pretend to try to each other out of it, but we know we're just kidding ourselves. We can't even keep straight faces anymore when we say things like, "Yeah, but we'll save money if we just eat the chicken in the fridge."

After I broke a personal record for most sushi rolls consumed in the span of 20 minutes, Clay and I stopped by his grandmother's house for a visit. We completely lost track of time and sat in the living room talking with Mamaw for 2 hours. We were all yawning by the time we finally started to leave around 10 p.m., but it was a lovely visit and I know she appreciated our company.

Sunday was a lazy day and after cleaning the house for over an hour, I watched about 15 episodes of 30 Rock on Netflix. (And I think I ate like, four Poptarts.) My afternoon activities included a hill-laden recovery run, folding laundry, and spending an inordinate amount of time putting together a menu for the week. Meal planning was tough this time around because I wasn't feeling inspired and when I took to Pinterest to look up some of the dishes I had pinned, I was dismayed to discover that the links to the actual recipes were broken.

Pinterest, don't take this personally, but sometimes you are the bane of my existence. I JUST WANTED A RECIPE FOR TOMATO MAC N' CHEESE. WHY WAS THAT SO HARD FOR YOU!????

But I digress ...

We wrapped up our weekend with a trip to Justin and Jamie's for the newest episode of Dexter, then I hit the hay and dreamed about Deb and Dexter all night because I'm really mad at him for being such a selfish serial killer.

How was your weekend?


  1. First of all, Raising Hope is one of the funniest shows on tv. Period.

    My weekend was rather uneventful, but I did manage to pick up fabric to make Thanksgiving and Christmas table runners for my sister for her bday. Which...now that I think of it...I need to get crackin' on them since we celebrate her bday, my mom's bday, and my bro-in-law's bday on Thanksgiving...which is now a mere week and 3 days away.

    Pardon me while I go rev up my sewing machine......


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