Things I Love Thursday

Last night my pizza dough got slightly out of hand and our calzones swelled like an allergic reaction to shell fish. They were huge. Like, comically huge. I think I sealed the pockets of dough a little too tightly and trapped tons of air inside the shells. But you know what? Bloated or flat, calzones are awesome. It was like cutting into a delicious cave filled with tomato sauce and mozzarella cheese.

Wow, I even manage to make pizza look creepy.
Last night was also a bit unusual for me because I did something I haven't done since my freshman year of high school during softball conditioning ...

Tae Bo.

You can find anything on YouTube and lemme tell ya, there is certainly not a shortage of Billy Blanks in all of his spandex-y, kickboxing glory. 

I'm looking for some new ways to spice up my workout routine this winter and desperately wanted to take a kickboxing class at the sports center near our house. However, the cost of the class is $65 and I figured that's at least two pairs of shoes or a pretty decent handbag (plus Christmas is just around the corner), so I wasn't willing to make the investment right now.

Participating in group exercise classes, while fun, is no longer a necessity for budget-conscious people when there is a plethora of workout DVDs and free videos on the internet. I just ordered a Jillian Michael's kickboxing DVD for a cool $5 on ebay (free shipping! Hooray!) and last night I got a private training session from one Mr. Blanks in my own living room. 

I ran a quick warm-up mile on the treadmill, then raced down stairs to kick and punch my way through a 25-minute Tae Bo routine.

I only yelled at him once during the workout ...

I was sweating like a pig and my butt cheeks really hurt this morning, so I think my Tae Bo workout was a success!

But let's talk about what you all really came here for today ...

1.) I'm a huge fan of leggings and tights (when not worn alone as pants) and one of this season's biggest trends is colored tights. Paired under a wool skirt or sweater dress, colored tights can make your outfit pop and add a little bit of spark to a dreary winter wardrobe. While I've been mostly gravitating towards solid mustard yellows and plums, I'm majorly in love with American Eagle's blue ombre tights. I hope they do themselves a favor by coming out with a few other colors options.

2. You can already purchase tickets for December's upcoming The Hobbit on While I never got on board with Harry Potter and I completely reject all things glittery and Twilight-y, the nerdy girl in me absolutely loves The Lord of the Rings! I've read all of the books, and I'm pretty sure that Frodo Baggins and Samwise Gamgee had the best bromance in the history of cinema and literature (sorry, Vinny and Pauly D). I almost want to call my 8th grade honor's English teacher and ask her to come see the movie with me. She's the lady responsible for my torrid love affair with any and all things hobbit.

3. If you're between Mid-Week Motivation posts and are in dire need of a pick-me-up, head on over to the Emergency Compliment Generator. Is your boss being a wiener? Did you friends make plans without you? Is that giant zit on your chin just too big to cover with make-up? Did you eat too many calzones last night and feel like a bloated slob today (yes...)? With just once click, the Emergency Compliment Generator will send you a flattering, uplifting compliment that is sure to brighten your mood and put the bounce back in your step. I actually use this site all the time for a quick laugh and yes, Emergency Compliment Generator, my blog is the best blog!

4. Chevron. Oh my goodness, CHEVRON! Particularly GRAY and YELLOW chevron! Chevron-patterned curtains and walls, chevron-patterned pillows, chevron-patterned handbags, chevron-pattered dressesmy goodness, I love it all! I have a ridiculous amount of chevron-themed pieces on my Pinterest boards and if I could paint chevron stripes on Joey, I probably would.

And the crème de la crème of chevron? The gray and yellow chevron nursery ...

...someday ... in the very distant future.

What are some thing you're loving today?


  1. I love that nursery! It's very pretty! And I am sorry but Harry Potter and Ron Weasley is the best bromance ever!

    1. Ha! Fair enough! I knew I might catch a little backlash for not being a fan of Harry Potter. Is Ron that red-headed kid? See, I know nothing of the series!

  2. I knew you were good peeps before, but now? After seeing that you're equally as stupid excited over The Hobbit as I am? You're totes a bff. I'll let it slide that you didn't get into HP....

    LOVE grey & yellow together -- never would have even thought they should go together until I had to wear them for my sister's wedding. That nursery is adorable!


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