Things I love Thursday!

Good morning! I hope everyone had an excellent Halloween! I actually had zero intentions of passing out candy last night because 1.) our porch light was burnt out and we didn't set out pumpkins so kids were safe to assume we weren't home and 2.) anytime there's chocolate in our house, I get upset if it's not for me.

But lo and behold, on his way back from class, Clay stopped by the store and not only bought a bag of fun-sized chocolate bars, but a new light bulb, too!

And he brought me a bouquet of  Halloween-esque flowers. :)

Since we live in a small community of townhouses, we didn't get too many trick or treaters throughout the night, but that was perfectly okay because that meant there was just that much more candy for us to munch on while we watched Hocus Pocus.

I don't know of a single person my age that doesn't love that movie. I checked my Twitter and Instagram feeds last night and wasn't the least bit surprised to see that so many of my friends were watching the Sanderson Sisters try to steal the youth from children at the exact same time we were.

I guess watching Hocus Pocus as an adult is slightly different than watching it as a kid. At least the refreshments are, anyway:

Some fun facts you might not know about Hocus Pocus (courtesy of

  • The film is set on Halloween (31st October) 1993. At the start of the film, Max is shown at school on Halloween. However, Halloween 1993 was actually a Sunday.
  • After the Sanderson sisters are done sucking the life out of Emily Binx, they do a little dance thing after they become younger. When either Winifred or Mary swings past her, Emily's leg moves even though she's supposed to be dead.
  • Winnie could not have known that Max said, "It's just a bunch of hocus pocus," considering the three of them were still dead at that time. (They couldn't have been ghosts, because she didn't know who lit the black-flame candle.)
  • Right before the witches burst through the roof of Max's house, after they retrieve the book, you can see the charge used to set off the explosion in the window just below where they exit.
  • The husband that The Sanderson Sisters mistake for their master (the devil) and his wife are actually brother and sister in real life. Gary and Penny Marshall are also both Hollywood directors, and both primarily direct comedies.     

Today after work Clayton and I will be making the drive to Indianapolis to pick up my race packet at the Monumental Marathon expo! We're only 3 days away! My stomach is already filled to the brim with nervous butterflies and I know it's only going to get worse tomorrow.

But before I bid thee adieu for the day, let's talk about some things I love, shall we?

How adorable is that squid? I mean, really? "Adorable" is not a word I would typically associate with squids, but I think this little guy is the exception to the rule. Mostly because he's safely online where I can see him ... not in the depths of the ocean plotting against me.

Anyway ... here are some things I'm loving right now!

This sweet little jersey dress from Old Navy. I ordered the dress on a whim when ON emailed me a coupon last week, and I am SO glad I did! Putting together a professional wardrobe has been quite the challenge and I am always on the hunt for comfortable and easy styles. This particular dress is advertised on their website as red/navy, but after reading numerous reviews from other customers, the general consensus is the dress is actually much closer to orange. And that's what made me decide to get it! I don't usually gravitate towards orange unless it's summer and I have a tan, but the pairing with navy was such a fresh color combination, I thought it would become an instant classic in my fall wardrobe. ON sizes tend to run huge, but this dress fits me like a glove (and the horizontal stripes are surprisingly flattering). I pair it with my tall brown leather boots and I am instantly cozy and stylish! 

When it comes to fashion outside of the office, I'm all about cozy and easy there, too! My sister is the queen of American Eagle (seriously, she owns almost every pair of jeans they've ever made) and over the past few years she's gotten me completely hooked on their AEO Warm and Fuzzy Boots. Even though tucking your pants into boots makes Clayton want to move to Mars, it's my favorite winter fashion statement. Being the queen of AE and all, my sister is bestowed with amazing coupons and offers all the time and she's gracious enough to share with her beggar of a sister. I can't wait to pair them with my black jeggings. I have a feeling I'm going to be wearing these every day.

This Call to Charm Cell Phone Handset from Mod Cloth cracks me up! Something about using this giant handset with a tiny cell phone totally gives me a "Zach Morris cell phone" vibe. Available in three different colors, this handset allows users to talk comfortably with the added bonus of teleporting you back to the times of yore when you could twist the absurdly long cord of your parents' kitchen telephone around your fingers while chatting with your friends. While I would probably never be brave enough to do it myself, I seriously want to shake the hand of the person who whips this out in public.

I'm already stupid excited for Christmas and am patiently waiting for the green light from the hubs to begin selecting a few new pieces of holiday decor. Clay and I have made it a goal to purchase just one or two new Christmas decorations each year in the hopes that by the time we have little ones running around the house, we'll have an aersenal of holiday decor that will make our house look like Santa Claus blew up in it. I want Christmas to be a magical time for our children and nothing says "Happy Holidays!" like a cozy house packed to the gills with wall-to-wall tinsel, sparkle and garland. To me, Pier 1 is the mecca of home design and it's hard not to fall in love with their beautiful home furnishings every season. These darling glitter characters will look adorable on a mantel or table!

What are some things you're loving right now?