Memory Lane (and a whole lotta pictures!)

Today my heart is bursting at the seams with love and warm feelings, and it's actually making it impossible to get any work done.

Today is my precious JoeBizzles' 8th birthday. My beagle boy is 8 years old. Oh my gosh, I can hardly believe it. Where does the time go!?

Last night I went on a scavenger hunt for some of his puppy pictures, but I only have a few in my scrapbook because I got Joey right before documenting every facet of your life for Facebook became "a thing". But the few pictures I have of my little munchkin are jewels because let's face it, Joey was, without a doubt, the cutest puppy that ever existed! 

The brown of his fur was a deep mahogany color, his eyes had thick, raccoon-like rings (which we refer to as his "guyliner"), and his baby spots were stark against the snow white hair on his belly. Oh my gosh, he was so cute I'm surprised I didn't eat him up right then and there.

He drooled on that pillow and then fell asleep on it.

I don't remember ever wanting something as bad as I wanted Joey. As soon as I knew I would be getting an apartment and no longer living in the dorms, the very first thing on my to-do list was "get a dog". "Get a dog" was placed before "get furniture" and even before "get rent money". We've owned dogs my entire life and there was no way I was going to settled into adulthood without a canine companion by my side. I've been a lover of dogs since I was a toddler and my love for all things that bark is oftentimes border-line obsessive, a quirky passion that I own with pride. I certainly subscribe to the school of thought that "Dogs aren't are whole lives, but they makes our lives whole." I don't know what it's like to live in a house that isn't coated in dog hair and slobbery chew toys, and I never want to find out. 

I posted one of his puppy pictures on Facebook with the following sentiment that perfectly sums up how I feel today:

Clearly he doesn't have his own Facebook account and he's definitely not even aware of what today is, but I want to wish my baby beagle boy a happy 8th birthday! Joey was by far the cutest puppy I have ever seen and it's funny that I almost didn't even go look at him because "I wanted a girl dog". I brought this ornery little ball of fur home with me the summer before my sophomore year of college, right before I moved into my very first apartment. Joey was definitely my guinea pig for learning adult responsibility, and I'm glad we both came out of those years (relatively) unscathed. Joey brings more joy to Clay's and my life on a daily basis than I could ever imagine and I'm so thankful this stinky beagle is mine to love. I'm not happy that your face is starting to get white hairs, but I am thankful for each and every one. Happy birthday, Bizzles! I ♥ you!
Looking for puppy pictures of Joey inspired me to take a trip down memory lane and I sat on the floor of my room for almost an hour sorting through my box of photographs. I found a few long-forgotten pictures that are definitely worth sharing!

Here are some blasts from the past:

This one of my childhood beagles, Chase. He was my best friend,
and I hold out hope that there are animals in heaven and I'll get to hug him again one day.

This is my sister, Ashley, playing a donkey in an elementary school play.
You know how often this picture is funny? Answer: ALL THE TIME.

Even at an early age, I knew that cake was freakin' awesome.

Playing third base LIKE A BOSS during travel league softball the summer before 8th grade.

My beautiful mother on her wedding day.
This is my favorite picture of her.

My mom and our gold retriever, Skylar. Skylar was my mom's baby and he was the sweetest,
most well-behaved dog on the planet. We all miss him every day!

My favorite picture of my girlfriends and I.
This was the summer before our senior year and yes, that is my white Dodge Neon. Gosh, I miss that car ...

Our last day of high school! We were so cute ... and I was TAN.

Senior picture ... leaning on gates was popular in 2004.

Clayton's favorite of my senior pics. He still has this photo in his car.

Clay's and my first dating anniversary! June 11th, 2004!
We drove to Chicago to spend the day at Shedd Aquarium. He still has that baseball shirt,
and I still think it's the sexiest article of clothing he owns.

Clay's and my VERY FIRST DATE at his junior prom in May of 2003.
This is actually the very first picture of us and I'm not wearing a bra. Why? I don't know.
Clearly it was my ample bosom that got him to fall in love with me.

Our group in front of my housebefore junior prom.
Clayton couldn't make the drive up, so my good friend, Nathan, was my date.
And I wore the same dress.

The girls before junior prom! 2 of the 5 of us is currently pregnant. I am not one of them ...

Senior prom, this time at Clay's high school. I did my own hair
and I'm sorry, but I STILL think it looked fantastic.
Clay is wearing leather sandals in this picture because we couldn't find his shoes.

Clay and I at my senior prom, looking dapper.

My mom was mad that she had "motorcycle hair" for this picture, but I love it.

My friends clean up nice!

I love this picture. Except Clayton looks like he doesn't know what to do with me.

Our group at my senior prom. The photographer got mad because there were too many of us
and the backdrop wasn't big enough. But we couldn't help that we were so popular ...
Happy Friday! I hope you have an awesome weekend!


  1. aww I love this post and all the throwback pictures! You're gorgeous!

    1. Why thank you so much! It was fun re-living some of the older days!

  2. Awww I love going back down memory lane! Good times, great pictures! I especially loved the memory of "the prom we'd like to forget" which I still clearly haven't forgotten!


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