Courtney Confessions

Today's Courtney Confessions are brought to you by the letter "P" ... because that's all I've been doing todaypeeing. And speaking of perfect segues ...

1. I've recently had to upgrade to the medium-sized coffee cup at the gas station (and yes, this gas station coffee tasted just as delicious as it looks, which is not at all). For someone who has never had to rely on caffeine to feel awake, I've been sooooooo groggy in the morning!

2. Since the fall semester is almost over, our office has been eerily quiet, this has allowed me an abundant amount of down time for brazen online window shopping. Courtney plus online sales  = a big no-no!

3. My two favorite bloggers have come clean in their own confessions posts this week about their elevator use at work. Despite having an elevator in our building, I opt to take the stairs every morning to my office (not because I have aspirations of achieving fitness grandeur in every facet of my life, but because the stairs are much closer to the entrance than the elevator). But every single morning I get winded ... from a flight of stairs. I usually have to stand at the top of the staircase and catch my breath ... while simultaneously pretending like I'm not trying to catch my breath.

4. On my way to bed last night, I was holding my smart phone, iPod Touch and Kindle Fire all in one hand. That is way too many electronic gadgets. I'm seriously debating downsizing or cutting myself off for awhile. Being plugged in is exhausting!

Do you have anything you'd like to confess today?


  1. That whole pretending to not catch your breath while actually catching your breath? THE WORST. Whenever I'm walking back to my office with co-workers after a meeting, I usually take the stairs (so they don't judge me) and we're usually carrying on a conversation and I have to somehow go up three flights of stairs, while talking and make it not sound like my lungs are imploding.

    1. RIGHT!? There's a gal who comes into our office every afternoon and when she's standing at my desk, I can tell that she's trying her darnedest not to sound like she's having trouble breathing. I'm just like, "Honey, let it out. It's okay. We all want to die walking up those stairs. No shame."

  2. Hm. Confessions...

    1.) I wore a long skirt with my new boots (so cute!) today and chose to wear pantyhose under it for two reasons a - I didn't feel like shaving my legs and concluded that covering the 3 inches of my visible legs with pantyhose was a better alternative and b - I hate the feeling of boots without something like socks on but because of the aforementioned (a) didn't want to wear both. However, I've apparently lost enough weight that my only pair of not black pantyhose are too big and keep giving me old lady groupings at my knees. So I slipped into the bathroom and took them off. Then I stuffed them in my shirt until I got back to my office. I'm awesome.

    2.) My hubby-kins has a new job that causes him to be gone overnight multiple times a week. I tend to hear every movement of anything in my house and automatically assume it's a murderer/robber when he's gone. Not because I'm frightened to be alone, but because I watch too many Liam Neeson movies about the sex trade and am sure that someone is stalking my house and knows when Matt is gone and will come to sell me into sex slavery. Seems legit.

    3.) Because of my previous confession, I haven't been sleeping and it finally caught up with me so much that I didn't come to work until 11 a.m. today AND had to get coffee. Although, mine was Starbucks and not gas station coffee. Mainly because the stretch of 37 I drive on to work only has a very shady Marathon on it and I choose not to stop there.


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