Courtney Confessions

Sorry for the major lack in postage last night. Our laptop took a dump and won't turn on. That computer is only about 4 years old which I know is "old" according to technology standards, but we've been having problems with that laptop since the get-go and I'm too stubborn to buy a new one.

So, Monday's snow didn't stick. In fact, it didn't even last more than 10 minutes. It left just as quickly as it came (giggity!). What started as a torrential downpour of rain on my way to work quickly changed to sleet and then for one brief, magical moment in time, transformed into beautiful white snowflakes that fell silently outside our office window. I felt giddy with childlike wonder and stood next to the window marveling at the simple beauty of snow against a gray morning sky, allowing myself to momentarily get swept up in the fantasy of the impending holiday season.

Then it completely disapeared and then sun was shining in less than a half hour.

And this, my friend, is why everyone gets sick this time of the year. The weather can't make up its mind and our bodies have no idea what's going on. I wore a light fleece jacket to work because this morning's rain shower felt kind of warm, but then my fingers almost froze off while I was walking Joey on my lunch break.

So who's ready for some confessions?

  • I've really gotten into making my own apple sauce. Sure, buying a jar of the pre-made stuff is relatively inexpensive, but I like making my own because I'm a major control freak and it's my way or the highway, baby. Regular apple sauce is sometimes too sweet for me, whereas no-sugar-added apple sauce is sometimes a little too "blah". Chunky apple sauce is a little too chunky for me, but non-chunky apple sauce is a little too smooth. In short, nothing makes me happy and I just have to do everything myself. But really, making your own apple sauce is stupid easy. For four servings simply core, peel and cube 4 medium-sized apples (I like to use Gala or Honeycrisps, but anything works!). Mix with 3/4 cups of water, 1/4 white sugar, and a tablespoon of cinnamon. Simmer for 20 minutes in a small sauce pan. Remove from stove and once cooled, take a fork or tater masher and mash to your little heart's content. And if you feeling super confident, feel free to mix in a dash of brown sugar or nutmeg.
  • As much as I love carrying out such a wifely duty on my own, sometimes I ask Clayton to go grocery shopping without me. Why? Because only Clayton can go to the grocery store with the exact same list that I have, but spend about $20 less. I don't know how he does it or what kind of voodoo magic he uses on the cahsier, but he always buys the same amount of stuff for way less moolah. And God bless him for it.

  • Sometimes I get so bored with my daily routine that I purposely take a different route home from work just to "spice up my life". Do I live dangerously? Why yes, yes I do!

  • I helped myself to some coffee in the break room yesterday, but it's terrible coffee and in desperate need of some kind of flavor intervention. So I used a sprinkle of powder from an ancient bottle of non-dairy creamer that expired 2 years ago and spent the entire afternoon wondering if I inadvertently poisoned myself. I greeted an important guest in our office and when I couldn't remember their name, I didn't panic. I just thought, "It doesn't matter. I'll probably be dead tomorrow."

 What about you? Do you have anything you'd like to confess?


  1. I just started reading your literally 10 minutes ago ago haha. I absolutely LOVE it. I'm not sure if this is the right place to post this, because it's not really a confession. I'm going through a semi-rough patch in my life right now for a few reasons and this blog is so cheery and will probably be the thing I read right before going to bed at night simply because it puts my mind to ease! Keep writin' on, girl! :)


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