Weekend recap

Helllllllllllllllloooooooooo! And welcome back to another week of mindless entertainment brought to you by yours truly (I was about to say “And the letter ‘M’!” since it’s Monday, but then I had to remind myself that on Sesame Street we are not). Sorry, I had a hectic day and wasn’t able to slap together a weekend recap post until much later in the day than usual. My apologies!

I actually went into this past weekend doing nothing but dreading my final long run before the big race next Saturday. Since my last few long runs have transformed me into a weak, tired little crybaby, I was psyching myself out that Saturday’s run would be no different. Even though I had a pretty good idea of what needed to be corrected in order to have a strong run with zero walk breaks, pain or tears, lingering doubt and a propensity to assume the worst had me convinced I was doomed.

My typical schedule for this race had me doing a pace run on Saturdays followed by my long run on Sundays. Each week the mileage for both runs obviously increased, and last weekend when I had my horrific 11-miler, I ran a way-to-fast 5-mile pace run barely 12 hours prior.

So I ixnayed the pace run all together this weekend and made sure I had a rest day on Friday. This is the first training plan I’ve used that didn’t have my long run on Saturdays, so it was nice to revisit that old pattern. (Plus, we went to a Halloween party on Saturday night and I didn’t want to risk having to do my long run the next morning with a hangover).

Wow. What a difference! I suspected the pace runs were to blame for my tired, overused legs, and I was right! I kept my 9-miles about 30 seconds slower than my designated goal pace and felt so strong, I knew I could easily finish 13.1 miles. I’m almost embarrassed that I never kept my long runs this easy before.

Relieved doesn’t even begin to describe how I felt. The run was not only much easier than it had been in the past, it was also far more relaxing than any long run I’ve had this fall. I seriously need to have a conversation with my ego and tell her to stop dwelling so much on minutes and seconds. I seriously think she hates me and wants to kill me. Depleting my energy tank every time I run just so I can “see how long I can hold this pace” was having a completely adverse effect on my performance and attitude. I’ve told myself numerous times to stop worrying about times and just worry about having a good time PERIOD, and hopefully this can be a shining example to help me finally put that mentality into practice because hey, the proof is in the pudding. I rocked all 9 of those miles.

So bring on Saturday! I am READY!

And do you want know something else? I rocked all 9 of those miles with an exorbitant amount of cake in my stomach, too.

Why did I have so much cake in my tummy before it was barely noon, you ask?

Because Saturday morning Clay and I woke up bright and early to have brunch at Colby and Ireli’s house for their BIG BABY REVEAL PARTY!

That’s right, Colby and Ireli are expecting their second baby and this time around they wanted to invite family and a few close friends to their house when they learned the sex of their little bundle of joy.

Is Nicholas going to have a little brother or a little sister?

They answered that question with the best thing of all—cake.

It was a surprise to everyone, not even Colby and Ireli knew what color the inside of the cake was going to be until it was time to cut. (I didn’t prefer one sex over the other. I just wanted some cake.)

It’s a girl!

I’m so excited Nicholas gets to be a big brother to a sweet little girl. We were at an art festival the day Ireli told me she was pregnant again and she was fawning all over the adorable handmade baby hats and scarves a vendor was selling. Playing dress up is going to be so much fun!

I might have gasped out loud just a little when I saw the cake had an owl on it. And I probably ate most of the owl by myself. Surprisingly, not too many people wanted a piece of cake at 11 a.m. which was perfectly fine with me because that just meant there were more leftovers for me to try and steal.

Come to think of it, I think I’m the only one who flat-out asked if I could take some of the cake home.

And Ireli happily gave us a giant piece to bring back to our apartment. (I say “us” to be polite, but let’s just call a spade a spade. We all know Clayton wasn’t getting any.)

It didn’t last through the evening.

This was seriously the best cake I’ve ever tasted. It came from a bakery called Blue Boy and I’d recognize their light, fluffy icing anywhere (their cupcakes are out of this world!). I have no idea what their frostings are made of (you know, other than the obvious ingredients of happiness, sunshine and angel kisses), but their concoctions are so yummy it’s almost impossible to put your fork down. In fact, I didn’t even use a fork that afternoon. My fingers served as perfectly good utensils every time I walked into our kitchen and lifted the tin foil off the plate just to “peek at what’s left”.

After my 9-mile run, I cleaned myself up and went over to the in-law’s to help Clayton go through some of his old boxes and nibble on pizza. I unfortunately lost the argument and despite plenty of heavy protest from my end, Clayton elected to bring his stuffed WF Wrestling Buddy into our home.

I refuse to let the Ultimate Warrior into our bed. 

But Clayton did unearth a giant box that was stuffed to the gills with nothing but “Courtney Momentos” that he’d been steadily collecting since we started dating. I found countless post-it notes I used to doodle on during one of my summers spent working at a medical factory in college and I even found a pathetic homemade card I made for his 18th birthday that surely violates some kind of excess glitter regulation. His 18th birthday! It’s unfortunate that I haven’t gotten much better at crafting since then.

Anyway, Saturday night Clay and I were getting ready for Dan and Emily’s Halloween party when we made the unfortunate discovery that Clayton’s Lt. Nelson astronaut suit had a giant hole in it! Shame on us for not actually trying our costumes on until the night of the party, but it never crossed either of our minds that one of our costumes would be damaged and unusable.  Holes can generally be easily concealed, at least for one evening in a dark basement, but not when the hole is located near, shall we say, your crotch. Clayton wasn’t trying to be THAT kind of spaceman.

Mild panic set in. It was 8 p.m. on a Saturday night. We feared our only option was Wal-Mart.

While I continued getting ready and pouted about the likelihood we’d no longer have matching costumes, Clay sped over to the seasonal Halloween store in hopes that it would still be open. Luckily, it was and he called me to see if I would be cool with him going as a lamp.

“Like a desk lamp?” I asked, puzzled.

“No, ding dong. A genie lamp,” he replied.

I suddenly brightened. “That’s an awesome idea!” I said a little too excitedly. “You can be MY lamp!”

“Yeah, sure.” Then there was a short pause on his end. “Just one thing: the lamp goes around my waist and says ‘Rub Me’”.

Beggers can’t be choosers.

So Clay went as a pervy lamp and I was a genie (I had to swap the outfit’s original purple cropped top for one of my old white tank tops because I didn’t want to look like a genie that grants sexual favors instead of wishes), and our little duo was a big hit at the party. Clayton walked away with the award for Funniest Costume and I won Sexiest Costume (an honor I was given only because everyone else was dressed as something scary or funny).

The party was great. I learned a new drinking game, we made new friends and needless to say, Clay and I were a little hungover the next morning. On Sunday afternoon we met up with Colby and Ireli and walked off our hangovers at an orchard and pumpkin farm called Apple Works. We sipped hot apple cider and watched Nicholas discover goats and donkeys for the first time at the petting zoo.

Once I finally fed my body what it really wanted (McDonald’s chicken nuggets. Best hangover remedy EVER. When I drink, I want nothing but grease.), I started feeling much better and Clay and I enjoyed the rest of our Sunday watching football and napping on the couch.

And that brings me to today! No more drinking alcohol and (hopefully) caffeine until after the race. My body is officially in rest mode and I can’t even begin to articulate how excited I am for Saturday. I’m keeping my fingers crossed that Hurricane Sandy minds her business and keeps her grubby paws off of Indiana until at least next week. Hoosiers are already freaking out and going into panic mode (typical), but the forecast is projecting we’ll only get hit with some rain and wind mid-week. As of today, Saturday’s forecast is projected to be sunny, clear and kind of warm. Yippie!

How was your weekend?


  1. WOW Clayton's costume made me uncomfortable! LMAO It is hilarious!!!!


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