Summer goals wrap-up

The only thing more embarrassing than not checking off all the tasks on your summer goal list is completely forgetting you had a list of summer goals in the first place. 

Epic Courtney fail. 

(Is saying “epic fail” still a thing? I haven’t a clue. I’m not too sure what kids are saying nowadays.)

Regardless, I was reading through some of my older blog posts from the summer (Why? Because I’m totally into myself), and that’s when I saw not one, but two posts listing out my summer goals and tracking their progress. 


Since we’re already knee-deep into fall (seriously, when did it suddenly start reaching near freeing temperatures over night? I’ve had to scrape my car for two days in a row! And that’s asking for a whole lot of efforts at 7:45 in the morning.), I figured now would be an appropriate time (albeit late) to review my summer goals and see if I was a major success or an EPIC FAIL.

Okay, I think “epic fail” is officially dead. I just re-read that sentence and wanted to punch myself in the face for writing it.

 Courtney’s Summer Goals Wrap-Up

Attempt to make fondant. 
Ah, a fail. I never got around to it and that was mostly because I was far too busy making other equally awesome treats for the first time! Last week I called the summer of 2012 the summer of culinary firsts, so regardless of whether or not I made fondant specifically, I certainly broadened my horizons and plunged into the world of yeast, carrot cakes, and banana cakes. Fondant freaks me out and I might need to take a long weekend and a couple of yoga classes to mentally prepare myself for the inevitably frustrating process. 

Bake something yummy for my family (and sometimes my co-workers) once a week. 
Wow. We’re not off to such a great start. This one’s a fail, too. While the quantity and frequency of my baking wasn’t up to par for my goal, the quality certainly was. I might not have whipped up something sweet every week, but I did bake pretty frequently.

Enjoy as many local races as possible. 
I’m going to draw a big, fat CHECK PLUS right next to this goal because it is a major success! I ran a total of 4 local races from early June through September and PR’d (and placed!) in both of the 5ks. I ran the Race for Literacy 5k in June (placed 2nd overall), the Sarah Jones Memorial 5k in late June (placed 1st in my age group), the VinesPines and Inclines 5-mile Trail Run in August, and recently placed 3rd in my age group for the Friends of McCormick Creek 4-Mile Trail Run. I even had the opportunity to participate in the Color Run with friends and enjoy my very first “themed” race. 

Try a brand new food.   
Come on, if you know me, then you know this goal was a success. As you may recall from my "Targeted Weekend Recap" post, I tried Scotch Eggs for the very first time when a group of friends and I stopped for lunch at an Irish pub on our way to the shooting range. When I made pesto several weeks ago, that was actually the first time I'd ever tasted the stuff.

Go swimming. 
Another success! Thanks to my in-laws’ resurrecting the in-ground pool in their backyard, all of us kids got in plenty of weekend afternoons sitting poolside. Our tans were awesome and I got so much reading done!

Pick up a new hobby that does not involve working out or food. 
I have a confession to make, I love crafting. I completed a couple of DIY projects over the summer and I’m quite smitten with taking trips to the hobby store for supplies and inspiration. My favorite project of the summer was the wreath I made for the entryway. Success!

Stick to a core strength training routine that will flatten my stomach to the point that I feel comfortable enough to re-pierce my belly button. 
While I haven’t worked up the nerve to re-pierce my belly button (I feel weird doing it when I’m almost 27 years-old), I’m happy to report that I could if I wanted to. I don’t have washboard abs by any means, but I have stuck to a core and strength training regime that has tightened things up and improved my running considerably (which is far more rewarding than an aesthetic benefit). Another success.

Take a few days trips and plan a stay-cation.  
Success! Clay and I had every intention of going to the east coast for a beach getaway this summer, but then we totally fell in love with the idea of taking a few days off of work to do absolutely nothing! (A recap of the stay-cation can be found here.) We saved oodles of money and actually got in far more relaxation than we would have taking a several hour road trip.

Go to the fair and gobble down a bag of cotton candy.  
Do you even have to ask if this was a success? This year they had BANANA flavored cotton candy at our county fair! That bag didn’t even last the entire car ride home.

Write at least two chapter of the book I’ve brainstormed. 
I am completely shamefaced. Fail. Honest to goodness, I sat down on our bed with my netbook and prepared to tackle this goal full-force with all the gusto I could possibly muster (which was a lot because I’m wicked excited about this project), but that’s when I realized that Joey or some kind of vermin chewed through the power cord and I couldn’t power on the computer. And I just got around to ordering a new cord last week. Sure, I could have used our shared laptop, but that computer has an overheating problem and has to be plugged in at all times which means I’d have to sit on the couch and I’m sorry, it’s almost impossible to be creative while your husband is sitting next to you and shouting at his Xbox 360. 

You know what all of the above statements are? Excuses. I don’t know what the problem is. I got some really valuable validation a few weeks ago that I’m a decent writer, and I think that scared me. I’m afraid of sitting down to write only to discover that I have irreversible writer’s block or worse, discover that I’m completely unfunny.

Stay up until sunrise at least once. 
I almost accomplished this goal. But that’s only because I was having a panic attack and couldn’t fall asleep, even if I wanted to. Fail.

Finally put our guest room together.
Done and done! After finally acquiring a futon back in July, I went full force with the home furnishings and put together our guest room in less than a day. The touch of some cranberry-colored curtains and gorgeous matching throw pillows made our workout room/guest room sweet and cozy. Success!

Spend a few hours volunteering.
I think this is the summer goal I am most proud of, and I can mark it as a smashing success for my goal list! In August I offered my public relations skills and experience to help with fundraising efforts for a local woman who is suffering from cystic fibrosis and is in desperate need of a life-saving double-lung transplant. As the public relations coordinator for the team, I am responsible for drafting press releases and making media contacts to help publicize our events. Last month I passed out snacks during our Walk for Regina event and next weekend I will be accompanying my father-in-law who was asked to be a judge at the Rally for Regina Car Show. I’m so happy to be a part of such a great cause and I am beyond thrilled to report that we are already half-way to the Children’s Organ Transplant Association’s goal of $30,000 to cover Regina’s surgery. For more information (and if you’re local and would like to get involved), please visit

Make new (and hopefully permanent) changes in my dedication to clean eating. 
After realizing that not having dairy in my diet did next to nothing for me, I neglected to make any new changes in my diet. However, I have been sticking a cleaner, more plant-based diet for well over a year now and I adopted a commitment to at least one vegetarian dinner a week as my small rebellion against the cruelty many animals go through at slaughter houses. Given my propensity for restriction and exercise addiction, it’s not wise to make changes any bigger or more drastic than what I’m already doing. So for the future I will continue to do more of the same, but with the added goal to be emotionally healthier and wiser about my relationship with food.

Read more.
Meh, this goal’s outcome is open for interpretation. Did I read as much as I would like to? No. But did I read? Yes. I plowed through a few chick lit books and I definitely bought several at a flea market. Let’s call this goal a draw and make a mental note to be better about this in the fall.

Well, it looks like I definitely had more successes than I did failures when it came to my summer goals, I'm pretty pleased with having a winning record. The fail I’m most disappointed in was my writing. I’ve come to the startling conclusion that more often than not, I’m all talk and no action. Perhaps that should be my only goal for the rest of the year: Put my money where my mouth is and light a fire under my own butt to move forward with what I want most.

What about you, did you have any summer goals that you didn't complete? 


  1. "I’m afraid of sitting down to write only to discover that I have irreversible writer’s block or worse, discover I’m completely unfunny."

    100 percent AGREE. Gah.

    Also: Major congrats on all your successes. That's a pretty hefty list of goals, so just that you got through about half of them is pretty impressive.

  2. I have this idea (probably stemming from a propensity for procrastination) that if I sit down to write something, it has to be absolutely perfect the first time. I don't write an outline and I don't come back to it after a few hours or days to read over what I've written and adjust for any new ideas or perspectives (mostly because the mad dash to the printer, frantic search for a stapler, and all-in-all desperate effort just to get my work in on time just didn't allow me time for editing...).

    That being said, I have several ideas for stories that I'd like to write just to get them out of my head and see what I'm made of. All that's holding me back is TRYING and for some reason that's the hardest part. Once you start, I'm sure you'll find your stride.

    (Teehee - get it? :P)

    1. Jamie, you HIT THE NAIL ON THE HEAD! That's EXACTLY what my problem is. I am really that much of a perfectionist that I would expect anything I write to be ready from the first draft. Almost like I would suddenly be a bad writer if I had to edit or rework something. Or the lingering fear that I would go back and re-read it and be like, "Wow. This is crap." HA, that is SO SPOT ON.


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