I mustache you something

Good afternoon guys and ghouls! (Sorry, I'm totally in Halloween mode right now and am so excited about the costume party we're going to this weekend! Clay and I are dressing up as Jeannie and Lt. Nelson from I Dream of Jeannie! And in case there's any confusion, I'll be going as Jeannie ... Clay will be going as Lt. Nelson.)

I hope everyone's doing well and has big, goofy smiles on their faces because it's Friday!!!

I was just wanted to update you guys on some small, but hopefully fun changes that will be taking place on Notably Neurotic. I'm trying to streamline my posts and keep everything organized (this blog doesn't have the word "neurotic" in the title for nothing) and have started categorizing my posts by popular topic so they'll be easier to find. If you happen to love my weekend recap posts, you can easily find them by clicking the corresponding link in the sidebar.

And I seriously hope you utilize the link buttons. It took me over an hour to design them and figure out the corresponding HTML. I had to channel my graphic design textbook from my sophomore year of college to remember the coding.

So maybe the $40,000 I paid IU wasn't a complete waste of money after all.

But I digress ...

I also plan on introducing a new weekly segment! Now, before you roll your eyes and snarkily point out long-forgotten blogging endeavors such as "A Day in the Life" and the resurrected-but-only-to-be-buried-again "Things I Love Thursdays", hear me out.

"Things I Love Thursday" will be combined with my very few and far between "Things I'm Loving Right This Very Second" posts. There's no point in ever making those separate ideas. Everything's going to be lumped together into TILT (HA! THINGS I LOVE THURSDAY IS AN ACRONYM FOR TILT! A SIGN FROM THE BLOGGING GODS THAT THIS WAS SO MEANT TO HAPPEN.) All TILT posts will encompass the obviousthings I love. Buckle your seat belts, there are going to be a lot of owl and puppy pictures.

I'm giving the ax to "A Day in Life" all together because it's stupid and the two times I made posts with nothing but pictures, they had the lowest hits of the week.

Not worth it.

My brand new post theme is one that I have appropriately titled "Mid-Week Motivation". I don't know about you, but I tend to eat up inspirational quotes and images like candy laced with cocaine. The Berry's "Daily Motivation" posts encourage me to get off my duff and make things happen, even on days when I'd rather stay in bed and pout about life. While The Berry's "Daily Motivation" posts loiter in the health and fitness realm, my goal with "Mid-Week Motivation" is to share little emotional, mental, creative and spiritual pick-me-ups that help me stay focused on the person I want to be ... or that just help me get through the day without committing homicide.

My hope (fingers crossed) is to write a "Mid-Week Motivation" post every Wednesday. I'm finding that having a designated topic on a designated day (i.e. Courtney Confessions on most Tuesdays) helps curb writer's block and gives my writing consistency.

Also, please note: A few weeks ago I added a "Contact" page to the blog. Feel free to email me with any comments, suggestions, or hate mail questions you might have about me or the blog. Remember, I'm here for you!

That wraps up all of the udates I have for you lovelies today. I hope you have an awesome weekend and I will see you again on Monday!

And here's a picture of Clayton and I with some pretty sweet mustaches.



  1. Revamped blog! Sounds fun!!! I really did like "Day in the Life" though ... maybe I was the only one? LOL

    1. Ha! Then you must have been all 15 views that post received. :)

      I personally liked them, too. We'll see. Maybe I'll do one again if I have a SUPER interesting day or something. ha ha Because that was the problem, I'd be halfway through my day and be like, "Um, my life is so boring. There is virtually nothing to photograph other than my dog."


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