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  • My sister-in-law, Molly, and I went to a Vinyasa yoga class last night. This was only my second yoga class since trying hot yoga about this time last year, and I was really nervous that I would be too inflexible (or gassy). The class was a level II, but thankfully Molly and I were able to keep up and do all of the poses without much difficulty (except for one that required you to balance your legs on the back of your arms. I opted out of that exercise because I'm not a contortionist and prefer my feet to be on the ground, not in my armpits.) But just as I learned in hot yoga all those months ago, I cannot make it through an entire yoga class without fighting the urge to burst into a fit of giggles. Maybe it's because we're supposed to be quiet and take our practice seriously, but something bending and squatting in a cramped room full of adults wearing spandex makes everything seem inappropriately hilarious. When we went into tree pose, our instructor encouraged us to sway our arms back in forth like tree branches in the wind and all I could think about was Jodie Foster chanting "Tay ina win" in the movie Nell.  

  • I hate that the Department of Motor Vehicles now forbids you to smile with your mouth open in your driver's license photo. I had to get mine updated after my birthday and had such a horrible experience with the clerk working with me that my picture came out extra mug shot-y. Not only does my picture look flat-out aggressive, every time I look at it, I'll be reminded that it was taken right after I had finished crying. I'm counting down the days until 2018 when I can change it again. 

  • One of the reasons why I am so excited about the Monumental Half Marathon this week, and probably the biggest reason of all, is because I promised myself that this would be the last time I run this race ...

    ... as a half marathoner.

    That's right, I will be signing up for the 2013 Monumental Marathon as a full marathoner. I think the natural progression of any running career makes this step logical. As much as I love running half marathons and the unique challenges that come with it, I'm ready to broaden my horizons and try something new. Last year a friend pushed me to run a marathon with her, but I vehemently declined, insisting that I was having too much fun with 13.1 miles and that I wasn't ready to venture into such a big step. However, with four half marathons (soon to be 5) under my belt, it makes sense that I continue to push myself and try new experiences. I was so disappointed that I wasn't able to cross a sprint-tri off of my bucket list this year, so I'm greatly looking forward to this new goal! 

Rounding the corner at the finish line of
my very first half marathon in October 2010

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  1. Is this one on your bucket list?!?!

    There is a $25,000 bonus price to the record breaker! :)

    1. Ha! Me break a record in a 100 mile trail run! Ha! Me break ANY kind of record, period! (expect for maybe most cake eaten in one sitting).

      But this looks intriguing. I'd love to add this to my bucket list! How does one even begin to train for one of these thing! MAN!


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