Courtney Confessions

I just punished a banana and peanut butter sandwich on toasted whole wheat bread with a drizzle of honey. OM. NOM. NOM. I should have made two. So tasty!

Anyway, I thought I send everyone off to their respective weekends with a long overdue confessions post. Enjoy!

Oh, and happy Friday! :)

Clayton and I are not using the "I Love You Because ..." board I made for its intended purpose. I'm not even sure why I thought making a marker board for spontaneous, romantic statements would bode well for us. That's totally not our style. Example: The morning after my surprise massage I left Clayton a "love note" that read, "Thank you for hiring a stranger to come to our house and rub me in our living room." I mean, that's kind of nice, right? But later in the day I came back upstairs to discover the Clayton had left me a response: "I'm a little disappointed, it was supposed to be a  bad touch."


I have a celebrity crush on Jason Sudeikis. It doesn't any sense because the men I usually find to be hunky in Hollywood typically fall in between the lines of your Channing Tatums and Bradley Coopers. However, while re-watching the first season of 30 Rock this past week, I found myself unnervingly attracted to Floyd (Sudeikis's role as Liz Lemon's boyfriend ... and the unsexiest name ever). He's incredibly funny and something about his face just works for me. Clayton can't even be jealous of my crush because it's so weird. But hey, apparently Olivia Wilde agrees with me.

If there's chocolate anywhere in the room, I won't be able to stop thinking about it until I can have some. While I may be looking you in the eye and nodding and "Mmmhmm"ing at all of the appropriate times during our conversation, I promise you that I'm only focused on the plate of chocolate chip cookies sitting on the table in front of us. For someone who never used to have much of a sweet tooth, I'm definitely turning into a chocoholic. We had a seminar at work yesterday and one of the speakers brought a giant basket of Halloween candy that she placed on a table next to her podium. I couldn't concentrate on the lecture because I was too busy wondering when I was going to get a fun-size bag of MnM's.

To this day I still have stress dreams about college. It's the same dream over and over again, too: I can't remember my course schedule and at the very end of the semester I realize that I never went to a class I completely forgot I was enrolled in. And that class is always math. It may seem silly, but I always wake up from that dream in a panic that I can't graduate.

Do you have anything to confess today?


  1. I ate a slice of cake with vanilla icing, an almond bear claw, 4 pieces of chocolate covered pomegranate seeds, and slice of stuffed pizza, and a Naked red machine smoothie.
    I said I was going to make an effort to eat less sweet pastries and such, but I failed.
    My stomach feels bad, and I should feel bad.

    1. I dunno, that sounds like the best day ever! ha ha Chocolate covered pomegranate seeds? Where did you find such a thing!? Sounds good! And I'm sorry, but 4 little seeds is nothing! They're so TINY!

  2. I confess that now I really want chocolate....

    1. Me too. I wrote this post and was like, "I need to go to the store."

  3. They are delicious! You have to make these if you like pomegranate. Unfortunately, it was more like chocolate pomegranate brittle because they were big chunks of chocolate replete with seeds. And the seeds were fresh, so the flavor was out of this world.
    My coworker makes these. She uses bakers dark chocolate (I think Ghirardelli). Melts the chocolate then pours it over the seeds, puts it in the fridge and bam, best chocolate treat ever.

    1. I think I might have to try these and recap them on here. Those sound absolutely delicious! I haven't bought a pomegranate since this past winter, so I think I'm well overdue! Thanks for sharing the recipe!


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