Courtney Confessions: Vices Edition

I define a vice as anything someone knows is bad for them but continues to do anyway. It’s a flagrant disregard for any potential health or moral repercussions that may arise as a result of participating in said activity because you simply cannot resist. As a married woman who is both very health and money conscious, I am happy to report that none of my vices include the heavy hitters like sexual promiscuity, gambling or drugs. For me, my vices are more tame (or boring), but they are vices nonetheless.

I have a weakness for diet energy drinks. Isn’t that disgusting? I totally justify drinking them by telling myself, “Well, there’s little to no calories or sugar in this. It’s totally fine.” Never mind the caffeine and artificial junk that still pervade every can with the potential to erode both my stomach and teeth (my dentist’s wife reads this blog and she’s probably cringing right now). What’s even more disgusting—I love the taste. I, a girl who considers herself to have a somewhat of a refined palate, sings the praises of a drink that tastes like liquid sweet tarts. Luckily, these puppies are rather EXPENSIVE and I rarely buy them. I typically reserve my love of Sugar Free Red Bull and Monster Lo-Carb Energy for long road trips that go well into the night, but I bought my first Diet Red Bull in almost a year a few weeks ago when I couldn’t keep my eyes open after a 9 mile run. I drank the whole in 5 minutes and was jacked like a spider monkey for hours. “I DON'T SEE WHAT THE BIG DEAL IS. ENERGY DRINKS HAVE LITTLE EFFECT ON ME!” I shouted to Clayton as I vacuumed the rug for the fifteenth time that day. 

I’m a Nervous Nelly, plain and simple. Anyone in my family would quickly tell you that I have a very anxious personality and I’m so used to feeling that way all the time,  I’m not even aware of it.  However, my body carries some pretty telling evidence that I am a ball of constant nervous energy. My thumbs are a constantly bleeding, raw mess. Though most people wouldn’t consider it a vice, that's certainly the term I would use to describe my propensity to pick at the skin around my nail cuticles. It’s a terrible habit, but I can’t help myself. Sitting in rush hour traffic triggers an urge to nervously nibble at the side of my thumbs. I even remember sitting at job interviews with my hands under the table so my potential employers wouldn’t see me furiously picking away. Last week I was under a lot of stress and my cuticles STILL haven’t fully recovered from the hell I put them through. 

Perhaps my most dangerous vice is worrying. It’s almost like I rely on it to keep me sane (though it oftentimes has the completely opposite affect). I’ve even gone so far as to event new things to worry about, just so my brain has something to keep it occupied. Tying into my perpetual anxiousness, constantly finding something to worry or fret over is so deeply engrained into my person that I rarely can pinpoint when I’m actually doing it. I think the very first time I managed to shut my brain off completely (though temporarily) was the first time I took a hot yoga class and winding down our session with savasana, a final relaxation pose. Feeling dangerously close to nodding off, I felt my mind slipping into blankness. Although the silence was harmonious and I wanted to relish the feeling of peace, it lasted for all of 60 seconds before I got bored.

My iPod Touch is glued to my side from the very second I walk through the door after work and it stays with me until I crawl into bed. Sometimes I think my mom buying it for me was more of a blessing than a curse because it is my constant companion. Sure, I have a smart phone now (which I always seem to leave in my purse and completely forget about), but I don’t have to pay for data usage on my iPod—I only need a wifi connection and then I am ready to Google and Instagram until the cows come home. Are Clayton and I wondering about an actor on TV? I can look him or her up on Did I just snap a picture of Joey being adorable? I can add an effects filter to the photo and upload it to Instagram. Do I need a new workout mix while I’m running on the treadmill? Let me just pull up iTunes. Am I feeling bored during commercial breaks while I’m watching TV? Let me play a few rounds of Fruit Ninja. Can’t remember how to make a certain dish? I’ll just Google a recipe. (And then upload a photo of it to Instagram when I’m finished. “You know who would really like to see to see this quiche in sepia tone? The whole world.”) 

Other vices that clearly need no further explanation:
  • Diet Coke (my kryptonite)
  • cake (obviously)
  • frosting or icing of any kind
  • falling in love with puppies I can't have at the pet store
  • napping
  • French fries
  • road rage
  • low-brow reality TV (Honey Boo Boo, anyone?)
What are some of your vices?


  1. Vices:
    Turtle chocolates
    Worrying and over analyzing to the point of crying.
    Fiji water
    I'm lame, I know.

  2. Vices:
    Ice cream
    socks (which weirdly, I almost never wear but I like crazy colored socks. I think it's because I dress kind of boring and I feel like that's my oddity).
    Thinking of different scenarios of how my future should happen, according to me. :)

    1. I read your comment and then went out and bought ice cream. Just thought you'd like to know.

  3. Ahh vices...I can totally relate to brain stimulation overload from the phone & energy drinks. The thought of yoga just stresses me out, but I did blog tonight that a class is one of my goals this month.

    Great blog!

    1. Thanks for stopping by and leaving a comment! Good luck with yoga and be sure to recap it for us on your blog! :)

  4. Vices:
    --buying wayyyyyyyy too many scrapbook and cross stitch supplies.
    --worrying so much I get barely 4-5 hours sleep every night b/c I simply can't shut my brain off.
    --my iPhone...I'm CONSTANTLY checking it, even when it's sitting right next to me on the couch and I'm fully aware that no one has texted me, called me, liked my instagram pic, sent me something ridiculous on get the picture....
    --and, most importantly......COFFEE. it's my life force. i can't survive any morning without it.

    1. Oh my gosh, I lose sleep over my own stupid thinking patterns, too! And I think about the DUMBEST things, too! So annoying!

  5. Vices:
    Over analyzing and thinking too much about EVERYTHING


    Candy (chocolate or tarty )


  6. All of these comments and not one person mentioned that your One X can also use wifi, it doesn't have to use the data. :)

    1. Ya know, I didn't realize that until just recently. I always switched over to my iPod Touch when I got home and it took a few weeks for my husband to notice and tell me I can just use wifi for my phone at home! :)


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