business as usual

Ugh, my sincerest apologies. I have absolutely nothing to write about it. I started this post three different times, going in three different directions, but I ended up deleting them all because nothing "wow"ed me ... or even mildly entertained me.

The past couple of days have been business as usual. I'm still mildly freaking out about my upcoming half marathon, I'm still enjoying my job in Human Resources, I'm still trying to finish the fall softball season (our rain make-up games ironically keep getting rained out), and I'm still watching copious amounts of 30 Rock every night before bed.

The only new development in my otherwise boring routine is this throbbing neck pain that I seemed to have developed literally overnight.

I woke up with soreness on Tuesday morning and my condition has barely improved after 24 hours of a consistent ice pack and heating pad regime.

We already know I sleep like a raptor, so waking up with a crick in my neck isn't very surprising.

But it is annoying.

Luckily I can still perform daily tasks like showering, sitting at my desk and running without too much trouble, but trying to back my car out of its parking space is a nightmare. Every time I turn my head to the side to look over my shoulder, I feel like my neck is going to snap in half.

And co-workers keep approaching my desk from the right side (the side that hurts) and I look like a total jerk because I can't move my head to look at them, so I just stare straight ahead and nod at whatever they say. They probably think I'm incredibly rude ... or just incredibly socially awkward. (Answer: I'm both.)

Speaking of business as usual, I'm still not sick of fall either. I'm thoroughly sick of pumpkin, but the autumn ambiance never ceases to amaze and excite me.

Every time I go to the trail (like tonight), I have to pause my iPod and turn it to camera mode so I can take pictures of the exact same bridge and the exact same trees that I did the day before. I don't know why. I'm freakishly obsessed with capturing as much fall flavor as I can on film. If you saw me out there today, you'd probably assume I'd never seen fall leaves before PERIOD.

I'm such a tourist, even in my own city. The only thing I'm missing is a Hawaiian shirt, leather sandals, and a large camera hanging around my neck.

And then of course there's that awkward moment that you change your iPod to camera mode and forget that the lens is switched around so you're actually taking pictures of your face rather than the trees ... but you still pose and try to make the best of it anyway.

This is me making the best of it?
What runner hasn't taken a picture of their feet?
Oh look! More of the same.
But every day I come to the trail I notice that there are more and more leaves on the ground. This is a subtle, yet heavy reminder that it won't be too much longer until the trees are completely bare and are, dare I say it, covered in ice or snow. 

Would you all throw eggs at me if I told you I was actually looking forward to winter?

Kohl's already has some of their Christmas decorations on display and I've received at least half a dozen Black Friday email alerts this week alone, but I don't completely hate it. While it's absurd to be thinking about Christmas in October, it's hard to deny the excitement that the holiday season is right around the corner. Christmas seems to come earlier and earlier every year, doesn't it?

I just have to get through Halloween, and then I am more than ready to jump on the Christmas/Thanksgiving band wagon. For me, I can tell it's truly time for the holidays the very day that Starbucks starts serving their coffee in those delightful red cups with snowflakes. I'm pretty sure those cups are the universal signal to start over-eating and spending too much on your loved ones. 

How is your week going?


  1. Oh my God I live for the Starbucks holiday cups. And gingerbread lattes.

    Christmas is my ABSOLUTE favorite time of year, but I'm trying to soak in as much of the fall as I can, because I love the leaves, the smell of burning fires, and the whole feel of the season.

    I'm not, however, looking forward to snow. It can snow elsewhere, but not here. So there.


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