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So I'm starting to feel a little bit better about my disastrous 11-mile run on Saturday (lie).

But at least I found someone to commiserate with help talk me down from the ledge. Hannah, a former colleague (with perfect hair) and a wonderful new addition to the running community (I've mentioned her before here), just so happened to have a pretty raggedy 11-mile run herself this past weekend. Coincidence? I think not.

We're both training for the same half marathon. While this will be her very first half and my fifth, we both took our bad runs to heart in the exact same manner. Every runner, no matter how inexperienced or how seasoned, is susceptible to mental roadblocks. The important thing is that we don't let bad runs keep us down. Good runners will use their supposed "failures" as motivation to keep trying. (I use the term "failure" loosely because no matter what, running 11 miles PERIOD is awesome.)

By the way, does anyone else think of bathroom issues whenever I say "bad runs"?

Just me?


I've decided to revert back to an old training schedule for the remaining 2 weeks before the race. The plan I was following previously was just too taxing and while it's good to push my limits and test my abilities, now's clearly not the time. I appreciate the increase in speed, but this old schedule and I are breaking up and seeing other people. The next 2 weeks will be spent slowly decreasingly my mileage and keeping all my runs at goal pace, and not a second faster (despite what my ego says). Lots of rest. Lots of water. Lots of prayer and positive thinking.

I can do this.

Anyway, while I'm not going to unleash a full-length weekend recap on you (because let's be honest, by Tuesday afternoon the previous weekend is nothing more than a fond memory), I will make mention of a few pretty spectacular highlights:

Over the weekend Clay and I met up with my mom and sister who were in our neck of the woods (literally) on their annual fall camping trip. In my old, crotchety age, I'm becomming far less enthusiastic about sleeping on the ground and burning my eyes with campfire smoke, so Clay and I opted to stop by for a few beers and grilled steaks at the campsite on Saturday night.

Since I hadn't seen either my mom or my sister since before our birthdays, Saturday night was the perfect opportunity to exchange gifts and have our belated celebration. I was positively floored when I opened a small package and found a bright, beautiful new apron that was sure to impress Mixie. I held the chocolate brown floral-patterned apron to my chest and swooned. Then my mom and sister revealed that they made it. The sewed me an apron! Not only was I wicked impressed by their crafting abilities, I was beyond touched that they put in the time and effort to make me something that was truly one of a kind (and flawless, I might add).

And they tried to get it to match my kitchen colors. Can you tell we're all related or WHAT!?

My mom then presented me with another awesome surprise: a second apron that actually belonged to my great-grandmother, Anna. I never had the privilege of knowing my great-grandmother, but my mom has oftentimes told me that our noses were similar (it was sometimes that only thing that made me feel better about having such a big nose). What an amazing gift to hand down a new generation! I feel extremely honored to have a family heirloom of sorts in my possession.

L: My great-grandmother's apron
R: the apron my mom and sister made

Speaking of kitchen-y, bake-y things, I was responsible for bring the birthday cake to the party and I fulfilled my mother's request for another banana cake. I tried a new recipe and ended up substituting sour cream for buttermilk (because Wal-Mart never seems to have any and when they do, it sure is pricey!). The sour cream made the cake decadent and moist (the only time the word "moist" is EVER okay), and I ended up loving this recipe ten times better. I usually make a layered cake, but decided to use a sheet pan for ease of transportation.

Clayton even went so far as to say it's the best cake I've made to date. I felt so proud. As tempting as it is, you can't very well run around and say, "I MADE THE BEST CAKE! IT IS SO YUMMY!" That would make you look kind of stuck-up and I mean, who doesn't love their own cooking? So honestly, there's no better validation in the world than hearing someone else sincerely compliment your food.

My mom's favorite icing is whipped and while I totally agree that whipped cream icing is amaze-balls, it sure does get runny in a hurry! After a few diligent internet searches, I found a new whipped cream icing recipe that promised to yield a much sturdier mixture. (P.S. adding gelatin to your icings makes them hold up better.)

And that it did!

Not only was the icing sturdy and thick (and incredibly spreadable), it made a TON! So much icing in fact, Clay and I had to come up with creative ways to use the remainder.

Well, that escalated quickly.

After frosting cake, I brought the bowl of leftover icing out to the living room and offered Clayton a spoonful. He was playing video games, so I happily fed him ...

... through his nose. 

Then he retaliated and things got out of hand. I ended up with whipped cream frosting in my pants and there's definitely still some left on the ceiling. Joey happily licked the carpet and walls for hours.

Oh, and I totally have to add that my sister wins the award for most flippin' fantastic birthday present EVER.

Yes, that shirt has a chinchilla on it and yes, it definitely says, "Chinchillin'". I've wanted this t-shirt for over a year and look who finally is going to be the coolest girl in Indiana!? I feel blessed to have a sister with the exact same sense of humor as me (i.e. AWESOME).

Have a great day!


  1. That cake was phenomenal! Mom and I ate a TON of it when we got home Sunday.

  2. Yum! That cake looks so good. Love the aprons, I am always a fan of a cute apron, especially because i always end up covered in stuff when I bake... Maybe not quite as bad as your icing faces though :)


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