Things I Love Thursday: pretty edition

Surprise of all surprises, I’m feeling ultra-feminine today. I think it’s because I wore my favorite Calvin Klein dress to work, and this dress kind of makes me feel like a bomb shell. My boss refers to it as “the infamous dress” (a title that initially gave me all sorts of awful thoughts about Monica Lewinsky) because I wore it for my interview and apparently got all sorts of compliments on it after I left. It’s a simple cobalt blue sheath with a skinny black belt around the waist that was an absolute steal at TJ Maxx for only $40. I pair it with black heels, tie my hair in a simple bun, and I am ready to rock … or do payroll. (Yeah, that’s probably a much more realistic activity during my day.)

Regardless, my out-of-the-ordinary office attire has inspired me to resurrect something that I thought was gone and buried long ago …

Welcome to the Things I love Thursday: Pretty Edition. In honor of feeling like a girl today, here are some pretty things I’m currently digging …


I go in and out of phases of being a total drunk wino, but I am never one to turn down an oak-y glass of pinot noir. Since my drinking preferences typically fall along the lines of whiskey, beer or champagne, it’s not too often that we have wine bottles lying around our house. However, when I do decide to splurge on a bottle of red for a fancy dinner (or just because it’s a Tuesday), I like to be fancy about it. A good friend of mine bought Clayton and I a beautiful wine decanter for a wedding present, and I just know that delicate, pretty bottle toppers would be a perfect complement to the set. I just love this elegant jasmine topper. Too bad it costs more than I normally spend on an actual bottle of wine. 


Confession: I have been lusting after this Fossil watch for MONTHS, and it's at the very tippy-top of the birthday wishlist I gave to my hubby. I've emailed Clayton the link to this watch about once a week for the last month, just so he doesn't "forget how beautiful it is". I'm not a huge fan of bracelets or dangling jewelry on my wrists, but this watch is so understated and classy, it will be the perfect addition to my fall and winter wardrobe.


I'm lazy, so I'm a huge advocate for effortless updos. However, pulling off a "messy" hairstyle actually takes way more time, bobby pins and skill than I actually have. Not to mention, my shoulder length hair makes several of the "easy" (I use the term loosely) hairstyles I find virtually impossible and leave a mullet-esque curtain of hair at the nape of my neck. But never fear! Pinterest is here! I found this adorable, 2-minute "hair tuck" on a random stranger's board and after following the link, I realized this is something I can feesibly pull off! I have visions of wearing this easy, breezy style on crisp fall days when I toss on my favorite gray t-shirt and wrap a light scarf around my neck. Now if only I could find a pretty headband like the one in the photo ...

Hi, my name is Courtney and I like cake! 

But seriously, how lovely are these cupcakes? I found them during a random picture search (Yes, I Google pictures of cake. Some people like to Google search pictures of Channing Tatum. I like to Google cake. It's called "marriage" and "liking food more than most other things in life".) I'm still very much a newbie to the whole "cake decorating" thing (again, I use the term loosely. Whenever I decorate my own cupcakes or cakes, I just slap a single layer of icing on top and call it a day), but I can definitely appreciate the meticulous hand and creative mind it takes to frost something that's both beautiful and delicious. I imagine these sweet little treats would be served at a bridal shower or tea time. It kind of makes me want to call some girl friends up and have a girl dessert and wine party. We already know I have the wine stoppers picked out!

What are some things you're loving today?