Notably Neurotic's Fall Fashion Picks

I know that many of you see me as a Sultaness of Style and look to me for fashion advice and seek my infinite wisdom of classy attire ...

Ha! I'm totally kidding. I could barely type that first sentence with a straight face. I'm actually writing this post while I sit on the couch wearing Clayton's high school baseball sweats and a stained t-shirt ... Ya know, just doing my part to keep the romance alive here at home.

But contrary to my casual wardrobe, I really do like fashion. I appreciate and admire fine clothing, but I just prefer to dress like a slob. I'm a fashion anomaly in that I'm the girl who wears holes in her jeans and t-shirts, but has a closet full of pretty dresses. I'm essentially Stacy London and Clinton Kelly's walking nightmare. 

Autumn happens to be my favorite season for clothes because while it's not cold enough for bulky winter coats, it's no longer appropriate to see women's exposed bra straps, skin and other naughty bits. Plus, I positively adore fall's color pallet! Rustic hues of nature, jewel tones, metalsthey're perfect! (I had my colors done at a make-up counter in a department store, and I am totally an autumn. Fall just, I dunno, fall just works for me.)

My dream wardrobe for the fall 2012 season is full of modern updates on classic favorites:

Boots! Boots! Boots! I go nanners for the tall boots with jeans or leggings look. Clayton hates the idea of women tucking their pants into boots and even though I'm normally willing to compromise and wear things that he likes, this is one fashion statement I refuse to bend on. Not only is the look adorable, it's practical. I hate getting the bottoms of my jeans wet when it rains and wearing tall boots eliminates the problem completely. For me, the only drawback to a tall boot is the issue of finding a pair wide enough to yank up over my calves. Running and biking has jacked my calves to astronomical proportions and unfortunately, sometimes it affects my fashion choices. I'm keeping my fingers crossed that I accumulate some birthday cash to acquire these babies next month:


Scarves. I was notorious for wearing scarves at my last job. And when I say notorious, I mean that one of my work buddies always made it a point to say, "YOU LOOK PRETTY IN YOUR SCARF!" every time I wore one (which is frequently). Even though it was more or less an inside joke, scarves are my favorite cold weather accessories and I'm starting to accumulate quite a collection. While I reserve my favorite American Eagle infinity scarf for the harsh winter months, my lightweight pashminas make a regular appearance in my fall wardrobe. Scarves are the perfect way to add a pop of color to a solid t-shirt and a great accent to any jacket or blazer.


Leather jackets. I've never been that much into leather anything, but with the plethora of styles popping up in clothing stores every where, it's a reemerging trend that's impossible to ignore. I found myself constantly pointing out how much I loved the various leather jackets characters were wearing in the last season of True Blood (and there's a surprisingly amount of leather in that show.) But updated leather jackets don't come in just standard black or brown anymore. There's a style and color for every taste and you don't need to be sitting on the back of a motorcycle to pull off the look.

Chunky tunic sweaters. My eye gravitates towards gray and I'm gaga over chunky, gray tunic sweaters this year. I like easy style and tossing a warm, cozy sweater over skinny jeans and leggings (and maybe some new suede boots!?) is perfect for running errands or going out to dinner with friends. And if said sweater has a boat neck or is off-the-shoulder? That's heaven. PURE HEAVEN. To me, sexy style isn't just SKIN! SKIN! SKIN! I actually find nothing sexier than an exposed collarbone or shoulder peeking through a shirt. And if you find shoulders to be too scandalous for your own taste? TOSS ON A PRETTY SCARF!


What fall styles are you loving?


  1. Another thing we have in common: True Blood. Are you Team Bill or Eric?

    1. Team Eric ... all the way. I can't stand Bill. He's like a paler version of Tom Cruise to me!

  2. Scarves looks good nice color combination and will be great for coming summer.


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