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The wonderful thing about colds is that no matter how much better you start to feel during the day, the next morning you wake up feeling like garbage again. It’s like a viral infectious disease that refreshes and replenishes itself while you snooze, thus proving my theory that colds feed on my dreams for sustenance.  

I woke up this morning with my left nostril completely plugged shut and a scratchy throat that won’t quit. My equilibrium is way off, and I almost fell out of the shower when I tried to pick up the bar of soap I dropped. It took an extra 20 minutes to do my make-up because the bags under my eyes and sheet marks on my face were just too big of a job for Cover Girl, and I almost emptied an entire bottle of hairspray because even my hair is sick and refused to do anything but rebel on my scalp. I forgot my jacket, the line at the gas station took forever, and I ended up about 10 minutes late for work.

In other words, it’s a Tuesday.

I normally reserve Tuesdays for my Courtney Confessions posts (i.e. I have nothing to talk about), but I thought I could combine today’s confessions with some more food facts about yours truly. (Goodness, blogging is the most narcissistic activity on the planet ... which is probably why I love it so much.) Last March’s post “5 Foodie Facts” got a surprising amount of hits and was even retweeted by a couple of influential health and wellness websites. (Thanks for that, by the way! But seriously, have you read this blog before? I’ve openly declared romantic feelings for cake batter. A health guru, I am not.)

  • Sometimes making good food choices is really, really difficult. And when I say sometimes, I mean practically all the time. No matter how much I love stuffing my face with vegetables, 10 out of 10 times a burger and French fries sounds more appetizing. But by the grace of God, I live only 5 minutes from my office and am able to go home every afternoon for lunch. Keeping our refrigerator stocked with mixed greens and fresh fruit makes it almost impossible for me to binge on salty carbs or unnecessary calories. Unfortunately, a food truck now stops at our office building every day between the hours of 11-2 pm, and I have to walk right past it on my way to my car. I’m not even sure what the name of the food truck is, but I know they specialize in deep fried cheese covered in cheese sandwiches (actually, the truck might be called “Eat All This Cheese and Never Poop Again”, but I’m not sure. I try to avoid eye contact with it). And I’m sorry, nothing looks and tastes more delicious than cheese, covered in cheese, wrapped in cheese, with a side of cheese. And the smell!? My goodness, it’s straight-up pornographic and should be illegal. It makes the salads I prepare at home look sad and naked, but I know that every day I choose fresh produce over processed garbage with absolutely zero nutritional value is another day in a healthy body.

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    Though I’m not huge on candy (my sweet tooth is more like a salt tooth), I am a teensy bit obsessed with Sour Patch Kids and Sour Skittles. I don’t know what it is, but the taste of sour candy just does it for me. However, if I ate Sour Patch Kids as frequently as I would like, I’d probably have diabetes right now. So in order to keep my tummy happy by giving it what it craves with the added bonus of still being able to button my pants, I make my new favorite treat: sour patch grapes. I found the recipe, courtesy of a blogger on Pinterest, and I want to shake the hand of the woman who thought of it. Simply roll damp green grapes in a packet of jell-o mix, refrigerate for one hour and presto! Sour patch grapes! 

  • It's not really a secret that I love Diet Coke. Quite the opposite, really. I'd climb the roof of this building and perform a song and dance about the joys of refreshing Diet Coke-a-Cola right this very second ... if I wasn't tired and didn't have cramps. But my point is: I LOVE Diet Coke. And I drink it often, at least every other day. Is it the best thing to be drinking on a semi-daily basis? Absolutely not. But I've started forcing myself to be smarter with my beverage choices. For every can or Polar Pop of Diet Coke I consume, I have to drink two glasses of water immediately after. Sure, drinking water isn't going to negate the chemicals found in Diet Coke, but it will keep me hydrated with the one, perfect liquid my body truly needs. 

  • My low-fat white chicken chili is probably my favorite dish that I make. Every cook has their specialty, that one recipe that they know is delicious and don't need anyone else to validate. White chicken chili is that recipe for me. Luckily, Clayton loves it, too. As soon as the weather turns the slightest bit chilly (as it did this week), he asks me to make it. I cooked up a giant batch last night and even though he never lets me put in the required can of chilies (I love spicy, he hates it), the chili still has just the right amount of kick. (My secret? I add two tablespoons of jalapeno juice to the broth.)

  • I’ve accepted the fact that my issues with food and my body are always going to be with me. An eating disorder is like an ex-boyfriend who just can’t take the hint and go away. It’s with you always. Just when you think you’ve moved on and are finally past that part of your life, it shows up at your front door with a bouquet of flowers demanding, “Did you miss me?” No, I didn’t miss you, but obsessing over you feels familiar. Falling back into old habits is easy. I still punish myself for “overeating” with excessive exercise (and I use the term “overeating” loosely because it was brought to my attention by a professional over the summer that I don’t eat enough). I still stand in the shower and scrutinize the perceived belly pooch I can’t quite flatten with an infinite number of crunches and sit-ups. I still consider “fat” a feeling. Some days are good, some days are bad. I’ve broken up with my eating disorder countless times, but I’ve taken it back with open arms just as often. It’s forever going to be a part of me, lurking in the bushes outside of my house and peeking in my windows (Yes, my eating disorder is kind of a stalker). I just have to learn to stop answering the door and letting him in.

Do you have any foodie facts or confessions you'd like to share?


  1. First: thank you for passing on the sour patch grapes recipe because I, too, have a love affair with sour candy and my Weight Watchers app judges me for it.

    Second: White chicken chili is my favorite recipe (and that of my best friend who demands I cook it for her regardless of the weather) as well. I wonder how similar our recipes are?

    Third: I think I've told you that I've also struggled with eating disorders from not eating enough to eating to fill the voids. I would like to get a restraining order but haven't figured out how just yet. Though, Weight Watchers has been a good coach for me (down 20 pounds so far!).

    Lastly: The truck you're referring to is The Cheeze Truck. It's disgustingly delicious. I ate it and was very happy for about 20 minutes until the grease formed into my belly and I had gut wrenching pains for 2 hours. Not worth it. HA! I just realized that's the day I decided to go on Weight Watchers.


    1. The Cheeze Truck, super creative name! ha ha But yes, it always smells totally delicious. I literally have to run past it some days or I know I'll order something totally bad for me! ha ha

      I can't remember where I found this particular white chili recipe, but I modified it so much, I wouldn't even recognize the original. What I like about it is that it's like, almost completely fat free, but it doesn't taste that way at all. Fat-free half and half is disgusting by itself, but it adds the perfect amount of creamy texture to the broth. It's the perfect winter meal!

      I do remember you telling me a little about your struggles with disordered eating. It takes on so many different forms and sadly affects more women than we're probably aware of (Men, too!). I'm totally an emotional eater AND an emotional starver. Glad Weight Watchers is keeping you on track and helping you stay healthy. But I had to LOL when you said, "I just realized that's the day I decided to go on Weight Watchers." Ha ha!

  2. My white chili recipe is much the same way. I found a recipe that I liked but changed it a lot. It's just the amount of spicy and it's very hearty. I'd love to swap recipes sometime!!

  3. I know I'm late to this party, but I love how open you are about eating issues (you're certainly not the only one. Ahem.). You very nicely called attention to my pointing out my own inadequacies, but I don't think you give yourself enough credit for your courage. :)

    1. Thanks so much for the comment, Hannah! I struggle a lot with how open I should be about my issue on this blog because on one hand, it's a very private, personal thing that I'm dealing with. However, I know that so many people have been through (or are going through) similar issues and I like knowing I'm not alone. I also want to be honest with people who read this blog and want them to know that while I am dedicated to my craft (running) and healthy eating, I take it too far at times ... and that's not something anyone should ever try to emulate.


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