a targeted weekend recap

For me, weekends are generally too short to feel fully rejuvenated before tackling a new work week, but they’re just long enough to completely screw up my sleep schedule. If I sleep a single hour longer than I should on Saturday, it’s almost a given that I will be lying in bed at 2:00 a.m. on Monday morning, unable to fall asleep. 

But all that nonsense aside, I had an awesome weekend. Clayton and I were quite the social butterflies and aside from a complete lack of time to do any lounging around the house, I couldn’t ask for more. The best part of the weekend? I finally crossed something off my bucket list!

That’s right! I, Mrs. Courtney P., fired a gun for the very first time ever on Saturday afternoon. My anxiety level was high, but surprisingly enough, the pants-wetting was minimal.

I’m terrified of guns, plain and simple. I’m terrified of guns because I’m the type of person who would hold a gun and do nothing but think about all of the bad things that could possibly happen while I am holding said gun. I’ve heard far too many stories of stupid, unsupervised children finding their parents’ guns and accidentally shooting each other in the face ... Cheney. I've read about far too many drive-by shootings. I’ve seen far too many movies. I have far too vivid an imagination. 

I have far too much paranoia, and I’ve heard far too few stories about proper gun safety. 

But Dan and Emily invited us to tag along to an indoor gun range in Indianapolis and since shooting guns are the kinds of the things that boys typically like to do in between drinking beers and grabbing boobies, Clay was all for it. I, on the other hand, was slightly apprehensive and figured I’d just cower in the backseat of the car and wait for everyone else to be done.

But no sooner did we get to the gun range than I found myself pointing a .22 something-or-other at a paper silhouette of an androgynous blue person. Dan gave me some quick instructions on how to properly hold the gun (he’s a fellow lefty and despite being mostly ambidextrous, I was quite surprised to learn that shooting a gun is something I’m more comfortable doing left-handed than right-handed), and took a step back so I could give it a go. Shakily, I help the gun barrel up to the target, did my best to aim for the figure’s chest, and prepared to be knocked backwards when I pulled the trigger.

I pulled the trigger, the gun fired ...

... and I started laughing.

I’m not sure if James Bond laughed the first time he shot his golden gun. I can’t imagine John Wayne ever giggled like a school girl when he shot his pistol out in the Wild West. And I know for a fact there was no funny business when Tony Montana unloaded the amo from his assault rifle right before he was taken down, but apparently I find shooting guns hilarious. 

Shooting a gun is honestly not as scary as I had imagined, but it’s certainly a lot harder. I think movies and TV romanticize gun slinging so much that most people have no idea how heavy and hard to control guns actually are. Between Dan and his friend Sean, there were about 4 different guns for us to try, but anything bigger than the .22 gave me so much kickback that I didn’t trust myself to use it without accidentally shooting the ceiling … or myself.

But apparently I have pretty decent aim! Anytime I pointed the gun at the target’s head, I hit its head. Any time I aimed for its chest, I hit its chest. (Now, I’m not going to be entering any shooting tournaments or challenging anyone to a dual in the near future, but I certainly wasn’t a bad shot!)

Once I got over my initial fear of everyone in the gun rage getting pissed off about gas prices or the election and starting to shoot each other, I relaxed and enjoyed the experience for it was. While I still insist on carrying an empty gun at an arm’s length away from my body and will probably never beg Clayton to take me shooting again, I definitely learned that guns aren’t terrifying all the time. They’re only terrifying when they’re being handled by the wrong people … or when they’re full of bullets. 

I hung one of my shooting papers up in our guest bedrooms so every time I run on the treadmill, I can use the thrill of firing a gun as motivation to keep on running! If I can shoot a gun, I can finish this mile!

Deliciously epic.
Before we went to the gun range, our little group of 6 stopped at an Irish pub called McNivens’ for lunch. I ordered a delicious club sandwich stuffed to the gills with a delicious cheese spread, but ended up jealously eying Clayton’s meal that can only be described as a vat of gravy with roast beef and mashed potatoes on top. The Roast Beef MacHattan is a carnivore’s dream come true, and Clayton and I are still debating how many days’ worth of calories are in that dish. Even with my stealing a few heaping forkfuls, he only made it about a third of the way through the meal before surrendering. 

Dan ordered the group a plate of Scotch Eggs which, at first glance, look completely unappetizing. They're boiled eggs wrapped in sausage and then deep fried. I like eggs and I certainly like sausage, but the combination of the two just looked like it would result in one disastrous trip to the bathroom. I was going to politely decline the offer for to try one, but then I remembered that one of my summer goals is to sample new foods. Nervously, I dipped my egg into the spicy red pepper aioli and prepared my taste buds for something along the lines of spoiled meatloaf or pig's feet.

But my taste buds didn't need much of a pep talk because Scotch Eggs are A-MAH-ZING. It was like eating a bratwurst covered in spicy mayonnaise, and those are two things that will never be anything but yummy. The risk of toxic flatulence aside, I would definitely eat these again!

We also sampled a few new beers and I was unfortunately a little disappointed in my choice of Three Floyd’s Pride & Joy. It wasn’t a terrible beer by any means, but it certainly wasn’t my favorite. I’m not a huge fan of an intense after-taste with my brew, and the bite at the end of each sip was a little too much for me. I definitely enjoyed the Bloomington Brewing Co.’s Kölsch that Clayton and I shared later when we all met up for dinner. I’m definitely a lover of pale lagers! Well, I think I'm just a lover of beer period. ;)

Between the beer I consumed at both lunch and dinner and the whiskey and Diets I mixed later in the evening when we joined a large group of friends for board games, I’m surprised I wasn’t worse for wear for Sunday’s long run. Since we had such a busy Saturday planned, I moved my 8-mile run and still can’t believe I wasn’t too dehydrated to get through it! Quite the contrary, actually. Despite choosing a difficult route, I felt so strong that I decided to tag an extra mile onto my workout (Ya know, to burn off some of those extra beer calories). I think a lot of my unexpected energy and zest that morning came from the fact that Friday’s severe weather cooled things down significantly. Sunday’s 9-miles were fall running at its best. I even opted to do some hill repeats during miles 6 and 7. Crazy? Just a little.

Clay’s and my weekend came to a close with the Colts game at Colby and Ireli’s house on Sunday afternoon and then a few episodes of Dexter after we ran errands. I crawled into bed far later than I wanted to and had to rely heavily on Starbucks to get me through this morning. But despite being extra sleepy, I have high hopes that this upcoming week will bring more fun with softball games, new training workouts, and a chance to actually spend some time relaxing on the couch with my hubby. I took a break from trying new cuisine in the kitchen and opted to stick with some quick fan favorites for dinner this week (Mac n’ cheese, anyone?). Keeping my fingers crossed for a stress-free week!

How was your weekend?


  1. Look at you! Shooting a gun! Holy cow! My dad's a hunter, so he's always trying to get me to go to the shooting range, but I'm like you - apprehensive, and relatively certain I'd go into insane hysterical laughter after shooting the first round, and end up in Bellevue in a rubber room & a straight jacket.


    My weekend was relatively uneventful - I went & saw my cousin's band play, then spent the majority of the weekend baking and trying my hand at preserving/canning. That's right - I was that old lady this weekend - apron and everything.



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