Successes of the pizza kind

Today at work I was tasked with the responsibility of calling applicants to let them know that the position they applied for was currently on hold. I had to call 24 different people. I sweat right through my shirt.

I'm probably the world's most awkward person face-to-face and as I conveniently learned today, over-the-phone, as well. I come across as pure gold in the written forms of communication, but everything else is just a fatal train wreck waiting to happen. Thank goodness you can't HEAR sweat.

But I'm glad I did it. I'm not overly comfortable with chatting up random strangers on the phone, so it was a good exercise in putting on my big girl pants, sucking it up, and doing something I didn't want to do simply because my boss asked me to. But I did make the request that he listen to Pandora in his office so he wouldn't be able to hear me sputtering and stuttering my way through each phone call. I'm pretty sure he turned down his music to eavesdrop on me once anyway, but that's okay since I could feel myself growing more confident with each call. Then again, being able to keep myself from randomly shouting something random like, "boobies!" into the phone or not bursting into tears made it a success in my book no matter what.

Speaking of successes: Since Clay and I have had our fair share of some hefty (read: obnoxiously annoying) bills this past month, we've tightened the purse strings on our budget in an effort to recoup some of what we've spent. In lieu of dipping into savings (which I absolutely hate to do), we've been looking for ways to cut corners in our everyday spending by limiting our social activities and the amount of groceries we buy each week.

I'm a pig. There's just no other way to say it. I value the food in my fridge like some people value the money in their bank accounts. So when it comes to limiting our food expenditures, I get a little freaked out at the thought of not having multiple cereal options in my pantry. 

But Clay and I have done remarkably well at saving money without sacrificing a well-rounded, yummy meal. Not willing to budge on our tradition of having pizza once a week, we've come up with ways of making homemade pizza for less than $3. Last night we made a batch of mini pizzas on whole wheat English muffins using leftover spaghetti sauce and shredded cheese from a few dinners last week. I just had to buy the muffins and a can of sliced olives and ta-da! Dinner was served!

This is so stupid, but I had to mention it. In addition to our mini pizzas, I opted to steam some leftover broccoli crowns to add some nutritional value to our meal. I was in the middle of finishing up a blog entry, so I asked Clayton to turn on the stove burner. Only, my request came out, "Could you please turn on the broccoli?" And I, being ridiculously slap happy from a lack of sleep and working all day, found my question to be wild hilariously. So I started snickering like an idiot.

Clay looked at me funny and clearly didn't compute my brilliant double entrendre. "Could you please turn on the broccoli?" I asked again, hardly able to make it through the sentence a second time without bursting into another fit of a giggles.

"Sure," he muttered, raising an eye brow at me curiously before getting up to head to the kitchen.

"Thanks, dear!" I called after him. "The broccoli likes shoulder massages and being kissed on the neck."

Two seconds later I heard a voice from the kitchen: "Oh, now I get it. And hey, it's still not funny."

Some people have no sense of humor.


  1. Those lil' pizzas look delish! I need to come up with quick & easy dinners for the week, b/c let's be honest, who likes cooking when they get home at 630p & still have an hour's worth of working out to do?! Certainly not this girl.

    Protein shakes win out most often after that nonsense. So do omelettes with "cheese" (being dairy free, grain free AND gluten free has its challenges...) and sundried tomatoes.


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