Sentimental texting

As of last night, Clayton and I finally joined the 21st century ... we're only about 13 years late! After several years of resisting, complaining, and doing everything in my absolute power to avoid them completely, Clay and I are now the semi-proud owners of smart phones.

I never thought I'd need a smart phone and honestly, I don't think I ever really will, but I was getting pretty tired of being tied to an expensive phone contract that didn't even entitle me to internet access. So what did I do?

I called and threatened leave. Our wireless provider, who shall remain nameless (although their name kinda sounds like JB&B), has always had impeccable customer service and when they caught wind that we were threatening to cancel our contracts and move on to greener pastures in the pay-as-you-go realm, they started scrambling to keep our business. I've been with ... JB&B ... since 2004 and apparently they truly value customer loyalty. For about $15 more than what we were currently spending, we got an increase in minutes, a locked-down price for unlimited text messaging for life, and 4 GB of data per line on the contract, per month. They also offered us an insane additional discount on already discounted phone prices.

I think I need to call my credit card company and threaten to "break up" with them, too.

Flashy phones with all the bells and whistles have never been a huge priority for either of us. This is obvious when you consider that every single cell phone I've ever upgraded too has been the free, cheapy phone that nobody ever wants. Give me a phone that calls people and sends the occasional text, and I'm happy as a clam.

Well, I am now in the possession of an HTC One X and it might as well be a personal computer. It has three pages of apps already installed on the phone, and I am absolutely positive that I'll never use 75% of them. Anything my laptop couldn't take care of, my iPod Touch and Kindle Fire more than covered. Now I have all of that rolled into one on this phone and it's so overwhelmingly big, I'm afraid of it. It dwarfs my old phone in size, and the quality of the display is alarmingly sharp.

In fact, that's my favorite feature of this phone. I have a very um, useless digital camera. It's not very old, but the picture quality just isn't up to par and any picture that's not taken outside in broad day light looks fuzzy and washed out. Since receiving my iPod Touch for Christmas, that was my primary source of taking pictures, but even that doesn't have a flash.

The HTC One X has something crazy like 8 megapixels with a built-in flash. Since I'm a vain idiot, the first thing I did with my new phone was take a picture of myself, and I had to delete it immediately. I took one look at the far-more-clear-than-I-am-used-to image and was like, "Oh my gosh, I'm hideous."

So I'm not sure how much I'm going to enjoy having a "smart" phone. I'm pretty used to owning a "dumb" phone and quite frankly, having something else to tinker on is just another distraction from daily life that I don't need. But hopefully the neat-o little camera can serve as a good resource for enhancing the pictures I post on my blog. And being able to access Google when I need to think of a song lyric in a pinch will be extremely helpful, too!

But one awesome thing I discovered during this whole "upgrade" process is how sentimental and adorable Clayton is. He kept making a fuss about making sure he could switch all of his old text messages and pictures to his iPhone, and I kept telling him it didn't matter. Why worry about moving things from a crappy phone over to a nice one? Well, as it turns out (and instantly made me feel bad for trying to coerce him out of doing it), Clay has saved every single text message I've ever sent him since we first started texting each other on our most recent phones. There were almost 500 messages from me.

Having to see if for myself, I snatched his phone away and looked through his messages. Sure enough, every message I'd sent him in the past 2 years was stored on his SIM card. I scrolled to the very first message I sent to see what I could have possibly said. Perhaps it was something romantic or a sweet, thoughtful comment in a meaningful conversation long forgotten.

Hmmm, not quite:

"Suck it, Clayton."

He's so lucky to have me.