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My relationship with Pinterest is getting pretty intense. Sometimes I lose sleep because my mind is manically racing with all of the wonderful crafts and DIY projects I want to try. (A felt owl displayed in a shadow box with burlap backing? YES, PLEASE!) Pinterest has pushed me over the threshold of sanity, and I've already greedily filled a holiday board with all of the decorations and recipes I wish to attempt this upcoming season.

Addiction, thy name is Pinterest.

Yesterday I found a recipe for buffalo soup and I don't know if you know this about me, but buffalo sauce ranks right just below french fries and curry on my Top 10 Favorite Foods list (all of which are ranked after cake, of course). The second there is even the slightest hint of a chill in the air, I'm busting out my crockpot and making a warm batch of this hearty buffalo chicken soup:

                                                                Source: via Courtney on Pinterest

 And pumpkin spice pancakes? Are you serious? Deliver these to my mouth immediately!

                                                     Source: via Courtney on Pinterest

For as much as I love Pinterest and will continue to sing its praises, the social media sharing site does have a tendency to make feel rather ghastly about myself. Some of the DIY crafts I've pinned are so intricate, and so delicate that I know if I even come within 10 feet of them, the whole project would burst into flames and I'd ruin everything. I'd have to pay someone to make it for me. And come on, do my pumpkin spice pancakes have a prayer of looking as remotely scrumptious as the ones pictured above? Clayton's grown quite accustomed to misshapen balls of batter I serve him on Saturday mornings.

Not to mention I feel like a giant loser for not having the creative fortitude to invent half of the marvelous things I see on that site.

Am I even capable of dreaming up a brilliant idea like making Christmas trees out of old book pages? I think not.

                                                                Source: via Courtney on Pinterest

Be that as it may, I couldn't help myself from falling completely in love with the idea of having a year-round wreath in our home. Sure, I have a homemade Christmas wreath I hang on the door every December, but Pinterest has made it painfully clear that in order to be a thrifty, shabby-chic domestic goddess, I am required to have something pretty hanging in my entryway at all times.

So that's what brought me to Michael's (a crafting store) last night. I took a brief detour in the autumn d├ęcor aisle because apparently owls are the official sponsors of fall and if I had less respect for our household budget, I would have left with a cart full of rustic owl door signs, candle holders and vases. But no fear, Clayton, I got myself back on track and bought only what I needed. I headed home and plugged in my glue gun so I could get to work immediately. I was so excited to get the wreath finished, I postponed my 6-mile run until after dinner (and running on a full belly of pizza was totally worth it).

There's really no use in providing a tutorial for this project because it's pretty self-explanatory: I bought a wreath, several flower decals and a wooden "P". (The cashier guessed that the "P" stood for Patty, and I politely corrected her by saying it was for my last name. I'd have to be really into myself to hang a wreath in our house that just for me ... Although Clay and I do have the same initials, so it could have worked either way. But whatever, I'm getting off track ...)

So, I opened the aforementioned items and just glued the crap out of them.

The end result? Ta-da!

 And just when I thought my wreath couldn't get any more awesome ...

... it totally did!


  1. 1) Pinterest is evil and it makes me want to start an IV of espresso so I can do all the crafty/baking things I see.
    2) That buffalo chicken soup looks AMAZING.
    3) LOVE your wreath! Scrapbook embellishments are not just for scrapbooking, as you found out ;-)

  2. Freakin awesome! LOVE IT! And I totally burst out laughing once I got to the last photo!

  3. The owl so totally made the wreat! Great job!

  4. I have created a giant recipe book of recipes to try from things I have found on Pinterest, I have definitely found some keeper in there too. The amazing crafts get me too, I had a coupon to Michaels and bought some stuff to make fall wreaths. My kitchen table is full of cut up toilet paper tubes.


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