Owl always love you ...

I consider myself a very "balls to the wall", all or nothing, ride or die kind of girl. I'm not lukewarm about anythingI run hot or cold, love it or hate it. So it should come as little surprise that when I find something I love, I don't just love it. I love it to death. I suffocate it with intensity and obsessive enthusiasm (i.e. running and cake and every album put out by the Backstreet Boys).

That being said ...


Why helloooooooooo, owls!

I don't really understand my fascination with owls because honestly, owls aren't the cutest animals in the forest. They eat mice, move their heads like the Exorcist and look quite menacing, but there's just something about their playful, whimsical caricatures that tugs at my heart strings and makes exclaim weird, inaudible things at my desk whenever someone emails me this picture:


I could never ever love owls as much as I love dogs, but owls are the only creature I've chosen to decorate my house with. (Okay, that's a lie. I definitely have a wooden dog statue in my house. I think I was a zookeeper in a former life.)

My owl obsession is getting a bit out of hand. Last weekend my sister presented me with a small gift bag from Bath and Body works that included not only an owl compact and an owl nail file, but an owl-shaped air freshener for my car. I was so touched and excited about her gift, I almost slipped into an owl-induced coma.

This past Monday morning, my friend Brittany arrived at the office and told me about her weekend shopping excursion at Pier1. "They have tons of owl stuff there that I just know you'd love!" she said.

Where are my car keys!?

I left work early for a doctor's appointment and on my way home, I couldn' stop myself from taking a route that just happened to pass right by our local Pier 1.

Well, since I'm already here ... 

Within 30 seconds of entering the store, I found and snatched up a set of matching owl salt and pepper shakers for a cool $5 (which is a steal when you consider how expensive the stuff in that store is!). I had a slight advantage over some of the other shoppers crowding around the kitchen aisle because I had spent a few minutes combing through Pier1's website earlier that day.

And Tuesday night, around midnight, I plugged in Mixie and made a batch of owl cupcakes for two of my co-workers' who both have birthdays this week. Brittany, the same girl who encouraged me to spend my husband's hard-earned money on ceramic owls that dispense spices and who is clearly my enabler, pinned a picture of chocolate owl cupcakes a few weeks back with me in mind. So I bought a bag of Oreos and some Reese's Pieces, and did my best to recreate them:


Wook at their wittle eyes!

It's hard to decorate cupcakes when you're screeching and flapping your hands over how cute they are.

Super easy to make!

I had all of these owl things on my table at the same time last night!

This morning, after eating one of my cupcakes, a co-worker asked me, "Have you considered getting an owl tattoo?"

Don't tempt me, sir.

What's something strange that you love?


  1. Cutest.cupcakes.EVER.

    Gimme a minute to sift through all the crazy things I love to post the least crazy so I don't look like a lunatic...

    This could take a while...

    1. Ok. This makes me seem like a hoarder, but not quite so loony...

      Mugs. I love mugs. I have an entire corner cabinet full of them, and could probably use a different one every day for 3 months and never use the same one twice.

      And that doesn't even include the ones I have for Halloween/fall/Christmas.

      I need help.

    2. Jackie, that's awesome! My mom, sister and I have a thing for fun mugs, too--especially my sister! I think collecting mugs makes gift buying so easy! I was just at Pier1 (buying my owl salt and pepper shakers) and I almost bought a giant owl mug. At least you picked something fun to hoard! I bet it makes you a good hostess. :)

    3. Haha! This is true! Give me a mug for a gift & I'm happy as a clam! Coffee/dessert time in my house is always fun when people are over b/c they have an even harder time than I do choosing their own mug for coffee/tea ;-)

    4. Saw cuteness owl planters at Wallyworld here in WA!

  2. Yep, turtles here too - I have stone, wooden, metal, and stuffed (the fluffy kind, not the taxidermy kind). And sea turtles are pretty much one of my favorite things ever.

    1. Jamie, I'd be worried if you had stuffed and mounted sea turtles in your house! Haha I recently watched a video clip of some rescue group freeing baby sea turtles and it was the most precious thing ever!

  3. Hey, remember I'm the Frog Queen,,,and why? Because I looked like one when I was born (because I came out face first) As I get older & look in the mirror, I fear I'm reverting back to that original look. YIKES!

    1. Aunt Laura, of course I remember your frog collection! I remember being at your house and seeing all of your frog collectibles. Honestly, I had no idea that's how you became the Frog Queen! Too funny!

  4. ELEPHANTS! All things elephant! And I do have a small tattoo of one on my wrist my husband bought me last February 2012. My only tattoo. Been collecting almost 20 years. To me they mean strong women, strong maternal bonds, emotional animals, and being plus sized is still beautiful!

  5. oh, and family and kinship is very important... no one gets left behind... for us family is made out of community because our family is passed on or far away... but it is still very meaningful... And my Aunt Kay (divorced from my uncle years ago but still my lovely Aunt) helped me see that with certain things.. it's always better to have a happy "elephant in the room" than an unhappy one like secrets or skeletons in the closet! :) So our home is well prepared.... still haven't found the so called luck that elephants bring but I don't believe in luck anyhow... I cling to Jesus. Thanks for asking Courtney! I am thrilled to hear about your owls and have only recently come into your fold but its absolutely a pleasure and a joy to be here! Thank you! Wish I wasn't so far and I could meet you in person. I'm in WA state!

    1. Hi Crystal! Thanks for the comment! And I love your reasons for your collection of elephants. :) I went to the mall this week with my friend who just had her second baby (a sweet little girl) and when I went into the baby stores, I was AMAZED by how much elephant stuff there was. I even asked one of the sales clerks, "Are elephants the new owls?" It's positively adorable. And you're right, such a neat animal!


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