Eating my way through the county fair

Last night Clay and I took our date night to the Monroe County Fair, and I don't care how "redneck-y" or "white trash" hanging out at the county fair is considered, whenever I think about walking through the animal stalls at the 4H barns or eating cotton candy beneath a giant, rickety Ferris wheel that was put together in 20 minutes, something inside of me is all like:


 I only have one rule when I go to the county fair: I don't ride any rides. 

Yeah, no. I heard this thing creaking from about 50 yards away.

I rode fair rides like a champ when I was a child, but now that I'm an adult and have a better understanding of how asinine it is to go upside down on something that was built in the back of a truck with an Erector set that morning has sufficiently scared me into the role of spectator only. Two years ago, against my better judgement, my friends and I rode the giant boat that swings back and forth and I almost had a heart-attack because I swear I could hear bolts falling out of it. I consider myself a very adventurous person and positively adore riding roller coasters at a reputable amusement park, but sorry, I just can't do fair rides anymore.

Fairs aren't really recommended for people who have a low tolerance for annoying, rude teenagers.
But I DO do rabbits! (Say that 10 times fast!) Whenever Clayton and I go to the fair, we spend the majority of our time perusing the white barns full of penned up animals who are sweating it out in the summer heat all for the sake of winning a couple of blue ribbons. Since they're hot, lethargic and miserable, I feel like the least I can do is talk to them and compliment how cute they are. Last year I spent about 20 minutes petting a dairy cow. I have no idea why.

Please tell me who does your make up!

Something about the smell of fried fair foods flips my stomach inside out almost the second I step foot onto the premises, but I can always keep my nausea at bay long enough to indulge in a giant, multicolored bag of cotton candy. In fact, I refuse to purchase or eat any cotton candy that doesn't come directly from my county fair. Like a demented, sugar-crazed addict, I carefully plan and look forward to the last week in July all year so I can head over to the country fair and get my fix.

And it never dissapoints.

This year, one of the flavor offerings was banana and I don't know if you know this about me, but I totally dig anything banana-flavored. And imagine my surprise and delight when I read the nutritional information (ha, like there's even any nutritional value in cotton candy) and discovered there's only 2 servings per bag and each serving only has 57 calories. To think, all this time I'd been spacing my bag of cotton candy out over the course of several daysI could have been eating it all in one sitting!

"WE NEED A BIGGER BAG," I said barbarically as I shoved pastel-colored fluff into my mouth.

Cotton candy is the happiest food on the planet!

But we couldn't very well leave the county fair without a pile of deep-fried dough, could we? Psh, that would be silly!

Get in my belly!

Clayton is a huge fan of funnel cakes, whereas I'm more of an elephant ear kind of girl, but fried dough covered in powdered sugar is fried dough covered in powdered sugar—it's all good! 

Have you gone to the fair this year?


  1. gosh, this makes me want to go to a fair so badly! Sounds like a fantastic night :)

    1. It was fun! We tend to not stay at the fair for more than an hour, but it's always worth it for the junk food and animals! :)


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