Courtney Confessions

I just got back from gettin' my hair did (How's that for good grammar?), and it feels fabulousssssssss! Sure, my stylist never puts enough product in my hair and it normally falls flat as a pancake before I even leave the salon, but she massages so many exotic oils into my scalp that it smells like a silky tropical rain forest.

If I wake up in enough time to style my hair tomorrow morning, I'll be sure to snap a pic for the blog. Instead of my usual blonde highlights we decided to try warmer caramel shades, and the end result is perfectly flattering on my eyes and skin tone. Even Clayton, who barely notices when I get my hair done in the first place, gave me an unsolicited compliment about how much he liked it when I came through the door.

Okay, enough about hair. How about some Courtney Confessions?

  • I think Anna Paquin is totally gorgeous. While my foils were setting at the hair salon, I thumbed through the latest issue of Redbook magazine that featured a fresh-faced, summery Paquin on the cover. As you all know, we are huge fans of True Blood in my house and I forever annoy Clayton by talking about how adorable I find Sookie and the sweet Southern way she says Bill Compton;s name. I love the gap in Anna's teeth because up until I had my wisdom teeth removed in college, I had one too. (Why having my wisdom teeth straighten my teeth in a way 2 years of orthodontics never could, I'll never know.) I guess I just find unconventional beauty to be far more alluring than the cookie-cutter button nose, high cheek bones and perfect smile. 
  • I ordered a white button-up shirt from Forever 21 for my new job and after getting lost in the mail for what seemed like a million years, it finally arrived this afternoon. I eagerly tried on the shirt and was instantly disappointed to discover it was too small. The material stretched dangerously tight across my chest, and I almost considered keeping the shirt simply because no shirt has ever stretched dangerously tight across my boy chest EVER. 
  • Whenever I watch Boy Meets World (which I've been DVRing every day for the past few months ... even though we own the series on DVD. Yeah, I don't get it either.), I get downright rageful every time Cory says that he and Topanga have been together their entire lives. First of all, it's annoying because he says it literally every episode. And secondly, no they have not. Cory, you and Topagna may have KNOWN each other since you were 2, but you only started dating when you guys were like, 14. I don't think the age of 14 and on encompasses your "entire life". Sure, you guys were physically around each other for most of your existence, but were you romantically involved in a way that warrants you to declare to any and everyone who will listen that you and Topanga have together for your entire lives? No. You used to think she was weird. So stop it. And tell Shawn to stop being so dramatic about everything.
  • I may or may not have already purchased some fall decorations for our house. We had a little snippet of fall-like weather the past several nights, and I couldn't get to Hobby Lobby fast enough to use a gift card I'd been hoarding for several months. I purchased a sweet little wooden sign that says "Harvest" in autumn colors and I'd be lying if I said it wasn't already sitting on our book case. Have I mentioned that it's still August?
Do you have anything to confess today?


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