Courtney Confessions

  • Even though I'm a stickler for jeans and t-shirts 99% of the time, there's a very girly side of me that adores dressing up. Over the weekend, when I wasn't busy playing detective and recovering my stolen bike, Clayton and I attended a wedding that finally allowed me the opportunity to wear a beautiful dusty pink pleated dress I'd been hoarding in my closet since March. I found the dress on a clearance rack at Kohl's for a cool $15 and even though I had no foreseeable use for the dress, I knew that one day I would be called upon to wear something other than sweatpants and old race t-shirts. Applying a full face of make-up and curling my hair is time-consuming, but well worth it for a night of feeling glamorous.

Sadie, Ireli and I enjoying the open bar before the reception.

  • For being unbelievably low-maintenance in my daily wardrobe, I am a huge fan of heels (please note the amazing 4-inch platforms I'm sporting in the above picture)! In fact, I kind of hate wearing flats. Aside from flip flops and the occasional dressy sandal, my closet is full of nothing but wedges, stilettos, and even the un-flattering kitten heel (a little heel is better than no heel at all). My new job requires me to dress in business attire (I am not happy about no longer being able to wear jeans every day, I won't lie) and I had a mild anxiety attack while I was picking out a pair of boring, black ballet flats the other day. I feel so awkward in flat shoes, like something's missing.

  • Despite having an absolutely wonderful time and hanging out with our friends at the wedding this weekend, I did have a brief moment of sadness that threatened to get the better of me. While I was eating my delicious dinner of perfectly cooked salmon, I realized that it was almost exactly one year to the day that I was at my brother-in-law's wedding, sitting next to Papaw and talking to him about everything from religion to politics while we both drank whiskey and Cokes. After talking to him for over a half hour, Papaw had paused the conversation for a moment and said to me, "You and I have never talked about anything this personal before. I really like it." 

  • I'm starting to have some serious reservations about the Go Girl Sprint Triathlon that happens to be only 18 days away. I've been riding my bike like a mad woman, but we've had such a busy summer schedule and so many other activities and events, I've neglected to put my heart and soul into training like I normally do for my half marathons. I rarely swim and the one time I attempted a brick workout (I biked 10 miles and then immediately ran 3 miles), I couldn't leave the bathroom for 3 hours. Last night Clayton admitted that he was concerned about me pushing myself too hard, and I'm just starting to have some major anxiety about the whole thing. I can run like a stallion, there's no doubt about that, but doing all of these events back-to-back with no idea how it's going to affect the body I already work run ragged is a giant question mark.

    Do you have anything to confess today?