A wine-y weekend recap

Before falling asleep last night, I made the decision to finally wear my horrendously boring black ballet flats to work the next day. After running the very uneven terrain of the Vines Pines and Inclines trail run on Satuday, my ankles felt like they were pushed through a meat grinder and high heels were NOT going to be happening until the soreness went away. And when I woke up to a torrential downpour this morning, I felt even more confident in wearing flat shoes as I scuttled across the wet parking lot.

And yet, I somehow ended up in my black pumps anyway. And I slipped twice on the slick pavement on my way into the office.

See? That's how much I hate wearing flats.

On to the weekend recap!

What I did:
  • Friday night I met my bestie, Ireli, at a Starbucks' on our side town so we could catch up after barely seeing each other all summer. We've both been insanely busy, and it's super important to carve out time to just chat about our lives and what we've been up to. It was too hot to drink coffee, so we enjoyed Starbucks' Refreshers outside at a patio table. Not only did I learn that I don't care too much for the lime Refresher, I realized how much I've missed having my girl time with Ireli. The conversations are always good, and she's a fantastic listener.
  • Saturday was fairly uneventful, minus hanging out at our local AT&T JB&B store trying to figure out how activate our new phones. Apparently their system didn't recognized the sweet deal we got on our monthly plan, so there were numerous delays in getting our new phones up and running. We stood around in the store for over an hour, and we were so frustrated and annoyed that the customer service rep working with us waived the activation fees (that's over $70!). While watching the rep, named Bryan, talk on the phone with yet another sales person in the corporate office, I totally felt his pain. When Bryan finally broke down and exclaimed, "CAN YOU PLEASE TRANSFER ME TO SOMEONE WHO KNOWS WHAT THEY'RE DOING?", I couldn't help but laugh. "Um, I've said that to at least 4 of your corporate reps this week," I whispered to him. Seriously, Bryan handled the situation like a champ and eventually got our phones working. He totally deserves a raise.
  • After competing in the Vines Pines and Inclines 5-mile run (more on that in the "What I Ran" section), Clay and I met up with some friends for bowling. Like I've said before on this blog, I barely tolerate bowling. I'm good for like one game, and then I'm completely over it. But Saturday was different. I don't know what it was or what kind of dumb luck the universe decided to temporarily bless me with, but I was on a roll. I bowled 4 strikes in a row the first game. Much to the dismay of Jacob and Clayton (who used to bowl together in a league), I beat them all. Muahahahaha ....
  • Sunday was the day of never-ending errands. We were bad and slept through church (again) and consequently spent the day playing "catch-up" to make up for the extra hours we spent snoozing. We went grocery shopping, steam cleaned our carpet, picked up the house, went out for what seemed like hours looking for a new pair of sunglasses for Clayton, and did laundry.

What I baked:
  • I had every intention of baking dark chocolate peanut butter cookies on Sunday night, but I forgot. To quote the ever-hilarious Ron White, "Ever forget? Happened to me." But I have all of the ingredients ready and rarin' to go, so hopefully I can whip up a batch tonight after my volunteer meeting. (Yes! I'm volunteering! More on that in a future post!) If there's one thing Clay and I can always count on in our household, it's a craving for chocolate.
  • I did kind-of-sorta bake on Friday night after rushing home from my coffee date with Ireli. Clay was starving, naturally, so I quickly put together some calzones. I suppose rolling a pocket of pizza is technically baking, even if I didn't make my own dough. Regardless, the calzones were fantastic and they have officially become a regular item in my weekly meal planning!

What I ran:
My bro-and-sis-in-law ran the race, too!
  • The Vines Pines and Inclines 5-mile trail run took place on Saturday afternoon at Creekbend Vineyard just outside of town. I ran this race last year, and it was such a fun challenge that I couldn't resist signing up again the second I determined I wouldn't be participating in the Go Girl Sprint Triathlon. Once again, the weather was disgustingly hot and dry, and I'm convinced the route was different than it was in 2011. I compared notes with my sister-in-law after the race, and she agreed the route was much hillier and taxing (which I didn't even think was possible). I finished the race last year in a time of 46 minutes and some change, and definitely didn't improve this time around. I finished in 49:15 and since I felt much stronger and have been running hill repeats like a beast this summer, I'm chalking the slower time up to the fact that the course was just that much harder. I only had to walk once, up the same ol' Hill of Death, and I was so proud of how much better my body handled the trails. Definitely felt some improvement (probably because I didn't swill wine before the race like I did last year)! The only race causality? I ran too close to a low-hanging branch and poked myself in the eye with a twig. Had I not been wearing sunglasses, my eyeball would be back at the vineyard, stuck on that stick like a shrimp on a kabob. But more than blindness, I was worried that someone saw me do it.
I have no other poses.
How I didn't end up doing this in all of our wedding photos, I have no idea.
  • As you can imagine, Sunday's recovery run was niiiiiiiiiiiice and slooooooow. I ran an easy 3 miles around my neighborhood, scaling small hills and just enjoying the ride. My pace hovered just under 9 min/mile, but I couldn't of cared less. I needed a relaxing run! 
  • The Vines Pines and Inclines trail run not only symbolizes how far I've come in hill training, but it also marks the beginning of my training for the Monumental Half Marathon coming up in November! I know, I knowI never seem to give myself a break but hey, this is what I love to do, so why not?
How was your weekend?


  1. Just had to say hi...I ran this race, too and finish around 49:10, just a couple of steps ahead of you! So crazy! I came across your blog searching for the race results. Fun to read a blog about places I'm actually familiar with!


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