A good direction

This week has been crazy-busy, but it's been a fantastic week, nonetheless. Not because anything particularly wonderful or amazing happened, but simply because I am a very lucky girl who has more than her fair share of blessings.

Highlights of the week:
  • I drank coffee twice this work week and had zero resulting tummy troubles. I know I said that coffee and I were breaking up last week, but I decided to give it a second chance by diluting it in a ridiculous amount of mocha creamer. The end result? No belly ache and it tasted freakin' delicious.
  • Last night my softball team played a double-header and we 10 run ruled both teams. For those of you who aren't hip to the softball groove, a 10 run rule (or a mercy rule) means that by the 6th inning (in a 7 inning game) we were at least 10 runs ahead and in the very unlikely event that the other team could catch up, the game ended. All of the girls on my team both hit and fielded like the seasoned players we are and aside from repeatedly getting cleated by the same girl every time she slid into second, I had a great time. 
  • I went out to lunch with Clayton for the first time in probably 2 months. We used to eat together every Friday, but Indy Fridays at my old job and then switching to my new job prevented us from doing so. He took me to a small Mexican restaurant (that I love in spite of not really caring for Mexican food. Tamales ... mmmm!), and we enjoyed some time together and I ran into my beloved boss, Susan. 
  • I had cake for dinner twice this week. I mean, come on! We stopped by my in-law's on my mother-in-law's birthday and there was so much leftover cake, they begged Clay and I to take some home.  On our way out the door with our cakey goodness, my father-in-law slipped me a plastic spoon so I could eat it in the car because he knows me that well.
  • My sister, Ashley, put me on notice that Cadbury came out with a Halloween version of their chocolate eggs called "Screme Eggs". My mom, sister and I are HUGE fans of the traditional Cadbury Creme Eggs in our Easter baskets, so I am delighted at the thought of cramming their chocolate in my face all year long! I think more than anything, learning about Cadbury Screme Eggs got me stupidly excited about Halloween.
  • I am completely incapable of doing anything by myself when Clayton is home. I can't even manage to complete a shower without shouting something down the stairs to him, be it a request for him to come up and hang out with me or to just yell some random quote or lyric we both know. Wednesday night, after taking a quick shower to wash away the stink from my run, I stood at the top of the stairs and called down to Clayton who was watching TV in the living room. "Clayton?" I yelled. "I feel insecure."

    Without missing a beat, Clayton shouted back up to me, "I don't know what for. You're turnin' heads when you walk through the door."

    And this is why we're married.

    P.S. If you absolutely cringe every time that particular One Direction song comes on the radio, you're in denial.

Source: via Gianina on Pinterest

What were some highlights of YOUR week?

We're expected to get positively dumped on this weekend with the remnants of Hurricane Issac, so I'm not too sure what the long weekend has in store for us. We have plans to have a cookout and visit an art festival (all weather permitting of course), but tonight's agenda is to relax, eat some leftover taco salad, and watch movies with my hubby and PuppyLove. Have a safe (and dry) weekend, and I will see you back here on Tuesday!