A batty weekend recap

I think I speak for everyone in town when I say that this past weekend was positively gorgeous! The temperatures lingered in the low 80s and the evenings we so cool, Clay and I comfortably turned off the a/c and open the windows while we slept (and our electric bill will thank us!).

How was your weekend?

Ours was lovely! Here's a recap:

  • Friday night Clayton and I accidentally passed out for a few hours after work. And when I say "accidentally" I mean he and I purposefully changed into our pajamas and crawled into bed. I don't know how or why napping because such a popular hobby of ours, but it's cheap and totally fun (probably some of the most fun I've ever had, sad as it is to admit). However, taking a nap was silly because we knew we had an abundance of errands to run that night and ended up on the other side of town at 10 o'clock not having eaten anything since lunch. So we made ourselves cozy in a booth at Denny's and ate $4 grand slams and talked for almost 2 hours. I hope we still have amazing conversations like that when we're old and gray and at Denny's for the early bird special. 
  • After getting my fill on scrambled eggs that probably weren't even real eggs, we went back home and watched the final two episodes of season 4 of True Blood. The season finale's cliffhanger left me so deeply disturbed and upset, I immediately excused myself upstairs and went to bed. 
  • On Saturday, Clay and I headed north to see my nephew who was visiting my mom for the weekend. My mom, sister, Clayton and I took Noah to the Indianapolis Zoo, and our little group wandered around looking at animals for well over 4 hours. Noah was too afraid to touch the sharks in the petting tank, and the poor little guy's arm was too short to reach them even if he wanted to! However, my mom touches sharks like a champ and that's a skill you can take to the bank. While I have absolutely no qualms about petting itty bitty sharks who pose absolutely no threat to me or my body, I do have a major issue with dunking my hands in poopy fish water. My sister and I whipped out bottles of hand sanitizer no less than 10 times during our trip.
  • I also discovered that the zoo is the world's most perfect birth control. While seeing some of the more well-behaved children marveling at the animals made my sister's "uterus explode", I was ready to schedule Clayton's vasectomy on the spot. 
My mom took a picture of us kids under the zoo's entrance sign, but Ashley couldn't help but notice it looked like Clay, Noah and I were a family and she was the creepy outsider. So I tried to shove her out of the picture ... like a boss.

My sister snapped this adorable picture of Noah meeting a tiger. 

  • By far, my favorite attraction at the Indy Zoo (other than learning about the peculiar mating habits of turtles) were the bats. I don't remember ever seeing the bat exhibit before, but now I'll be sure never to miss it again. Ashley, Clay and I stared at the cluster of flying fox bats, completely enraptured by their enormous, vein-y wingspans (Remember the movie Jeepers Creepers? Yeah ...). These things were the size of small dogs! And there was SO MUCH DRAMA in that cage. I'm tellin' ya, inner-office drama has nothing on a cluster of grouchy flying fox bats who can't figure out how to cocoon their wings properly.

  • Clay and I were mostly lazy on Sunday, only venturing out of the house for my long run and grocery shopping. After my grueling run, Clay surprised me with a Diet Cherry Limeade from Sonic, and I'm pretty sure we fell asleep watching Family Guy on my Kindle at some point that afternoon. We finished our weekend at my in-laws', playing cards and catching up after not seeing each other for a few weeks. While we played Rummy, my father-in-law powered up his laptop and played an old swashbuckler movie from the 1950s starring Errol Flynn and Maureen O'Hara. I have to admit, I haven't seen too many older films, but after learning that Errol Flynn was the original Robin Hood (Robin Hood was my hero when I was a kid), I definitely have an interest in checking some out. Can you believe I have yet to see Gone With the Wind? I know, it's criminal.
  • Since we spent most of Saturday in Indy with my family, I decided to do my recovery distance that evening and saved my long run for Sunday morning. According to Clayton, running my recovery distance before my actual long run was akin to "wiping before you poop" (as he put it so delicately), but it actually ended up serving me well because I had a very strong 7-mile run on Sunday. The cooler temperatures are definitely working in my favor. 
  • Speaking of running, as regular readers of this blog already know, I was scheduled to participate in the Indianapolis Go Girl Sprint Triathlon this upcoming weekend. And, as you may recall from my weekend recap last week, I was feeling very hesitant about the event because the park's beach is currently closed due to high levels of blue green algae. Blue green algae can make you very ill, and it has been reported to actually poison animals. If you ask me, I think it's somewhat irresponsible of the race director to even consider holding the triathlon if the blue green algae count is any higher than normal, but evidently I'm the only crazy person who's not too keen on explosive diarrhea. They still plan on holding the race and insist that spraying swimmers off with a hose will solve the problem. Um, hi, I have enough self-induced tummy troubles already whenever I race; plunging into contaminated water is a threat to not only me, but to everyone within a 10-mile radius of me. Not going to happen. The official race site said that those of us wimps who weren't comfortable with the swimming portion could opt to do a dualthon instead, but when I shelled over a considerable amount of money for this race, it was with the intent of doing a triathlon. So I emailed the race director yesterday and was officially granted a refund. It pains me to say this, but I will not be doing my first sprint triathlon this year. To say I'm bummed about it is a complete understatement, too. You have no idea how much I was looking forward to this challenge and how hard I worked to get my body in shape for the event. Deep down I know I made the right decision (Clay was adamant that even if I wanted to do the swim portion, he wasn't going to let me), but it's not making me much better. And the thing is, I'm sure 90% of the women who swim on Saturday and get hosed off by some random Suzy Squirts-a-Lot will finish the triathlon and not have a single adverse side effect. But I just don't know how the blue green algae will affect me,and I'm obviously not willing to find out. Mark my words, I WILL do a sprint triathlon next year (In fact, as soon as I'm done training for November's mini marathon, I'll be looking to see what triathlons will be in my area in next spring). After all, I didn't buy 2 bikes and get 2 bikes stolen this summer for nothing!

    So as it stands, come this Saturday, I will not be in Indianapolis stroking, peddling and running my way towards another medal. Rather, I will be participating in my thigh's only known natural enemy (other than colored skinny jeans): The Vines, Pines and Inclines 5 Mile Trail Run. Ah yes, apparently I won't risk bowel troubles, tingling appendages and skin rashes for a race, but I will risk death. Because that makes total sense ... 
How was your weekend?


  1. Don't worry - I just saw Gone with the Wind this past winter while lounging on the couch with my mother. I do own Casablanca and some other good ones (Murder on the Orient Express is great!)if you want to borrow any!


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