Courtney Confessions

Thank you all so much for both your readership and comments on yesterday's post about It's very rare that ignorance and stupidity on the internet gets me that fired up, but the enormous pressure on women's bodies is a topic I hold close to my heart. I combed the internet and based on the dozens of other stories, posts, and tweets about Skinny Gurl, I see that I am clearly not the only one who was outraged by her hateful agenda towards overweight women and her support of starvation and restriction.

On to today's confessions!

  • This picture irritates me. I pinned it on my "Beauty and Style" board this morning, but it makes me angry. Why? Because no matter how hard I try and no matter how long I spend doing my make-up and hair and no matter how many stores I go into searching for these items, I will never, ever looks as flawlessly put together as this girl. Her look appears breezy and effortless, but it would take no less 6,000 man-hours and a team of extremely patient stylists to help me achieve even an iota of this beauty. I see pins of beautiful clothing all the time, but this casual outfit captures the essence of what I like and how I've always wanted to look and yet, I'd look like a total fool if I put this on.

  • My bucket list includes buying a vintage Volkswagen Beetle in an obnoxiously bright color. They're impractical, dinky little cars and yet, so adorable!


  • My desire to reduce dairy from my diet is waning significantly. Aside from meals prepared by others, I have succeeded in drastically eliminating the amount of dairy I consume for 7 months now and there have been absolutely zero benefits (except for developing an intense love for almond milk) and zero consequences. I’ve noticed not a smidgen of difference in how I look or feel. My health has not improved or changed in the slightest. So, I am officially throwing in the towel on this endeavor.  I believe that everything is okay in moderation, but I definitely went overboard on cheese Tuesday night with my chicken enchiladas. It was the first time I allowed myself that much dairy in 7 months and as sad as it is to admit, it was liberating ... and totally worth the subsequent constipation.

I ran out of cheese to sprinkle on top. But still! YUM!

  • I’ve become a total beer snob. Like most college kids, I lived off a steady diet of the watery, cheap favorites like Budlight, Miller Lite, and *shudder* Key Stone. However, after meeting Dan and sampling the vast array of highbrow domestic and imported beers from the fridge in his garage, I can hardly stomach the stuff I used to drink. While I don't know much about beer, I do know that I hate IPAs, but love most other pale ales (particularly from Belgium). While having drinks with my mom last night, Clay and I sampled a Belgian pale ale called Piraat and it's probably one of the best beers I've ever had. I’ve always had expensive taste in purses, why not beer, too? Ha ha!


Do you have anything to confess?