A book nerd's weekend recap

This weekend was a-mah-zing simply because our Indiana drought finally, FINALLY found some relief (though it was very short-lived). On Saturday afternoon Clay and I stood inside an Aldi's grocery store and looked out the windows in amazement as the heavens opened and dumped buckets of desperately needed rain onto the dry, crunchy earth outside. We were almost in disbelief. "I think I've seen something like this before," Clayton said not-all-that-sarcastically. "If I remember correctly, this is what people refer to as 'rain'."

No seriously. It's been so incredibly hot and dry for SO many weeks that the sound of rain drops hitting the roof was almost foreign.

Clay and I were euphoric as we sprinted out to our car with our groceries and could care less that the warm rain was soaking through our clothes and drenching our produce.

What I did:
  • Oh my, Friday was a total bust. I blame our laziness on the fact that I made biscuits and gravy for dinner because we all know that this is the kind of meal that sticks to your insides and makes you feel like slipping into a food coma. Clay and I were both drowsy before we could put our dishes in the sink and it was barely 11 o'clock before I was in bed with a book. I finally switched my Kindle over to Netflix and only made it through half of a documentary called Selling God before I completely passed out. (I finished the documentary on Saturday morning. It was a very interesting take on how cultures around the world try to "market" Christianity and while it definitely had some valid points, I can't say I agreed with all of it.)

    Biscuits and gravy, though delicious, looks like straight-up vomit. 

    But there was one notable event from Friday night: I finally found a cheap mountain bike on Craigslist, and after work Clay and I drove across town to pick it up. The bike is pretty used, slightly rusted and just what I was looking for. Something about a bike that was obviously loved by someone else is comforting and for a cool $35, I have myself covered for the sprint triathlon and leisurely riding in the future.

    However, we didn't count on the mountain bike being quite so large, and it was near impossible to squeeze the dang thing into the back of my car. After grunting and straining for several minutes, I admitted defeat and offered to just ride the bike home. I was wearing flip flops, it was 105 degrees outside, and Friday was supposed to be my day off from working out, but we had little choice. As I peddled my new-to-me bike the entire 10 miles home, I sent a silent prayer to God, thanking Him for placing me in a town that has a biking trail connecting most of downtown to my house. I avoided traffic and made it home safely in less than an hour. 
  • I finally got around to finishing my chalkboard kitchen menu, and when I say "finishing" I mean I finally went to the store and bought chalk.

    The picture quality is terrible, but that's what happens
    when you let your music player double as a camera.

  • Before Clay and I made our weekly stop at the in-laws' pool on Saturday, we dropped by Bloomington's new flea market and poked around for close to an hour. I absolutely adore flea markets (even though the idea of buying someone's old dishes is kind of gross) and when Clay and I first learned one would be opening near our house, we made plans to visit ASAP.

    The flea market is in its modest beginnings, but I fell completely in love with a booth that prided itself on its collection of shabby chic furniture and decor. So many items caught my eye, many that I've seen pinned as DIY crafts on Pinterest, and I became inspired. The price tag on a re-purposed wooden sign that said "Life is Beauty Full" was a bit steep for my taste  (I think the misspelling was intentional, but you can never be sure in Southern Indiana), but Clay and I studied its craftsmanship and I will be making one for an upcoming craft project:

    We left the flea market with 5 new books and a slew of baseballs and softballs that I will use to make a replica of this wreath:


    And we only spent $5!

    God bless America.

    And God bless my in-laws for having a private swimming pool for us to mooch off of during the summer heat waves.

    The cool kids in the pool.

    It's interesting that our go-to silly faces are me looking like I ate a lemon
    and Clayton looking like he  might have farted, but he's not sure.
    And Clayton drowned no fewer than 20 wasps with a pool net. My big manly hunter, he is. 

  • Clay and I also hit up Goodwill's 50% off sale and I picked upyou guessed itmore books! I finished my Saturday with 6 books (some hardcover!) for less than $4 ... and I snagged a cute Christmas tin for $.50. Its never too early to stock up for holiday treats!

    Book nerd.

  • Saturday night Clayton took me to see Ted and even though the movie was enjoyable as a whole, it wasn't quite as funny as I'd hoped it would be. Being that it's my favorite genre of film, I tend to go into comedies with too high of expectations and usually wind up disappointed. (Except in the instance of Superbad, Tallegdega Nights, Just Go With It, and Anchorman. Those all very much delivered on their promises!) Ted definitely had its hilarious moments (my personal favorite scene involved, of course, flatulence) and anyone who loves Family Guy as much as I do will definitely appreciate the humor, but I think I was honestly more excited about the Anchorman 2 trailer. (Anchorman 2 is going to the very first movie I insist on seeing at the midnight opening show.)

  • Sunday afternoon Clay and I piled into the car with my bro and sister-in-law for a road trip up north to attend our cousin's graduation party. Danielle just graduated from nursing school and we're all so proud of her! She picked such an exciting career in a much-needed field and I have to admit, I felt a bit envious of her future. It definitely stirred up those feelings of "What do I really want to do with my life?" again. But she's adorable and sweet and smart and she's going to thrive in whichever city she chooses to work. It was great to see her and the prospect of her moving closer to is awesome!

What I ran:
  • I woke up early on Saturday morning in hopes of getting outside to run before the temperatures soared above 100. However, as I took Joey on his morning stroll around the block, it was evident that attempting to run outside would be dangerous and silly. Joey barely made it 50 yards before his tongue was lolling to the side of his mouth. So I ended up running on the treadmill and even though I scheduled myself to do 7 miles, I got so bored and antsy I only made it 6 before I called it quits. No amount of syndicated Boy Meets World could keep me entertained. Plus, our air conditioner fails at circulating cold air to our second floor, so I'm convinced our guest bedroom was just as hot and stiffed as it was outside (well, maybe not quite). But, I do run faster on the treadmill and my typical 8:50-ish min/mile pace was brought down to an 8:23 min/mile. 
  • Being out of town and sneaking in an early evening nap prevented me from getting in my recovery run until well after 9 o'clock on Sunday night. I don't even think it's fair to call a 7:53 min/mile pace a "recovery" run, but I was in a hurry to get my 3 miles in because I had a leftover bag of Sour Patch Kids waiting for me downstairs. And it's honestly somewhat of a tease to run so much faster on the treadmill because when I go outside and automatically run 30-40 seconds slower per mile, I get really down on myself. But regardless, it was a nice tempo run that got me sleepy enough to fall asleep that night, even after a nap.
How was your weekend?


  1. First of all, what was the name of the flee market, and is it seasonal or all year round? Second of all, I'm going to Goodwill to buy books.


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