A vodka-soaked weekend recap

Though it seemed impossible at the time, me and my underwear finally dried out after my disastrous bike ride last Thursday.

I woefully had to leave my bike outside because it's far too filthy to bring back inside the house. I know that no one can steal it when it's chained and locked up tight with what can only be described as a "bicycle chastity belt", but I still find myself wandering to the patio door every now and then to check on and it make sure my bike is you know, still there.

Theft will do that to you.

How was your weekend? Mine was pretty good up until last night when my mother-in-law called to deliver the news that Papaw was being taken back to the hospital. Apparently he developed a fever on Sunday and the nursing home staff decided he would be in better hands at the hospital until they were sure he didn't have pneumonia.

The good news is that he doesn't have pneumonia.

The bad news is that he has congestive heart failure.

We're all under a lot of emotional stress, but I can't even imagine what Teresa, her siblings and Mamaw are going through right now.

Extra prayers are always welcome! And thank you in advance!

I guess now is as good a time as ever to give you guys a weekend recap.

What I did:
  • Friday night my love and I (I'm referring to Clayton, in case you were wondering) spent a lazy evening at home as us homebodies are wont to do (I'm useless on Friday nights nowadays). I slapped some marinated chicken and fresh veggies on skewers and we had shish kabobs for dinner!

    After washing our mini feast down with some cold brew (a vanilla porter for Clayton and a Bass pale ale for myself), we snuggled together on the couch to watch Cheerleader Massacre, an appalling B-movie that had far more naked boobies and soft core porn than I'm comfortable with (which is zero). Luckily the plot was so perplexing and the acting was so laughably horrible that I managed to forget that I briefly watched two people actually have sex for 30 seconds.

    Neftlix, I am surprised and disappointed in you.

  • Both Saturday and Sunday afternoon were spent poolside at the in-laws' and except for getting a little burnt on a small patch of skin the was previously covered by a different swimsuit, my tan just continued to get deeper. I got in lots of reading and I even made myself useful by swimming 20 or so laps in the pool for my triathlon (the pool is oval-shaped and I count one trip around the diameter a lap). Teresa even granted me permission to steal a couple of her ripe cherry tomatoes out of the garden. It's quite possibly the first time I ever ate a vegetable straight off the vine. HEAVENLY!

  • Saturday night Dan and Emily graced us with their presence and brought over a giant bucket of KFC with all the trimmings. While pigging out on greasy chicken with the Colonel's famous, decadent brown gravy, Dan made a batch of summer beer that got all of us feeling pretty good in a hurry. Summer beer is nothing but some cheap-o beer mixed with concentrated pink lemonade and lots of vodka (emphasis on the vodka part).

    We spent the evening playing an outrageously awkward board game called Quelf and finished our time together with several curse word-filled rounds of Mario Kart.

    After a text message exchange the next morning, I think we were all in agreement that KFC and vodka is typically only a good idea in theory ..
  • This photo definitely happened late on Saturday night.

  • Sunday evening, after another delicious meal from the grill (this time consisting of salmon), Clay took me to Red Mango for dessert. If you're not familiar, Red Mango is an ice cream shop that only serves non-fat, low-calorie pro-biotic frozen yogurt. After selecting a flavor and filling a bowl with your desired amount, you can decorate your frozen yogurt with a vast array of toppings that includes almost any kind of fruit and candy that you can imagine. But before you get too wild with your MnM's and shredded coconut, keep in mind that your ice cream's price is determined by weight (which of course is a detrimental policy for someone like me: What do you mean my ice cream costs $7 by itself?!). I helped myself to White Peach yogurt and added fresh strawberries, blue berries, and mango. And of course I topped it all off with a modest spoonful of cookie dough because this is America, after all.

    After eating our frozen yogurt, Clay and I walked hand-in-hand around IU's campus and revisited my old dorm and places where we used to make out hang out near the library. It was a lovely summer stroll and a great way to reminisce about fond memories of our college days.

What I baked:
  • After I overcame my initial feelings of wanting to lay down and take a thousand hour nap on Friday night, I got my business together and went into the kitchen to make some white chocolate Craisin cookies. Cookies sounded okay, but really, I just wanted a chance to use my new ceramic owl measuring cups.

    Clayton helped me mix the ingredients, and in no time at all we had exactly 2.5 dozen yummy cookies. I'm always baffled and slightly creeped out when my dough yields the exact same number of cookies the recipe has ... especially when you consider how much raw cookie dough I consume before I even get to the baking process.

What I ran:
  •  I was ridiculously lazy on Friday (and feeling severely lethargic for reasons completely unbeknownst to me), so I had zero energy to get in my long run after work. Looking back, it was foolish not to take advantage of the overcast, cool weather, but I wasn't sure I could make it through a six mile run without dozing off in the middle.

    A side note: Is it completely sad that I don't really think of 6 miles as a "long" run anymore? I almost feel like I'm cheating on days when I'm only scheduled for 6 miles and not 7 or 8. Man, I am in for a rude awakening when I decide to train for a full marathon.

    Anyway, I ran my 6 miles on Saturday morning and I got outside early enough that it was still slightly cool and breezy. It was a pretty flat, uneventful run. I've been doing a lot of hill training lately and decided to give myself a break.

  • Sunday night, after laying out by the pool all afternoon, I ran an easy 3 mile recovery run on the treadmill which, as we all know, is not even remotely close to a recovery run pace. I have got to better about that. I seem to be missing that the key word in "recovery run" is RECOVERY.

    Me and my selective hearing ...

How was your weekend?


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