Sleepy Friday

Today is National Doughnut Day, but since everyone knows cake is better, one of my dear co-workers brought our group cupcakes this afternoon. I love the infallible way that whenever one of us looks up from their work and says, "I'm craving something sugary", everyone else in our cubicle row automatically chimes in with "CAKE." ... And then someone immediately rushes out to buy some.

Biting into a vanilla cupcake topped with a thick layer of butter cream frosting is like staring directly into a solar eclipse ... or catching a falling star in your backyard ... or learning that all of the penguins at the zoo are free to a good home.

Look at me, waxing poetic over cake of all things.

It is a cold, dreary Friday and temperatures in the 50s have everyone doubting that it's really June. The drive to and from the Indy office today almost put me to sleep, and I had to pinch myself several times to stay alert. Gloomy days are better spent in bed with hot tea (or if you're me, Irish coffee) and a book, not driving on the highway or sitting at work.

But that's why I'm curled up in bed right now with my Kindle and laptop. I wasted absolutely no time coming through the front door, yanking off my jeans, pulling on sweats, waving at Clayton, and disappearing into the bedroom.

He's going to come join me for an early evening nap any second now, I just know it.

Any second ...

... I hear footsteps in the hall.

... Any second ...

... And ... There he is.

Sleepy time. :)

I hope everyone has a great weekend!


  1. cake is totally better. I agree :)

  2. :o) I'd take a penguin. Glad you got your early night! I didn't but it was still good. You have a good weekend too!


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