Sally Hansen Magnetic Nail Polish: a review

Friday, June 15, 2012

I have very thin, flimsy fingernails and I've discovered that more I keep them covered in nail polish, the less likely my nails are to flake and split. Over the years I've tried to remedy my split nails by smoothing them with an nail buffer, but the more you buff nails, the weaker they become. With nails like mine, sometimes the best solution is to mess with them as little possible and keeping them decorated in pretty nail polish has proven the best way for me to just leave them alone.

I jumped on the crackle polish bandwagon last summer and thanks to the magic of Pinterest, there's an abundance of DIY yourself nail art to try this year as well. I'm not very skilled when it comes to painting fancy designs on my nails, nor have I mastered the whole "staying inside the lines" part of the process, so I tend to gravitate towards polish ideas that a trained monkey could pull off.

I saw a pin several weeks ago that was for something called "Magnetic Nail Polish", and I was intrigued. So the last time I was at a local drug store and my eye caught a giant display for Sally Hansen's Magnetic Nail Color, I decided to give it a try.

I typically don't spend more than $2 on a bottle of nail polish because I go in and out of phases with colors so frequently, spending a lot of money on name brand polish just doesn't seem practical (not to mention the more pricey brands tend to chip just as much, if not more, than the cheap stuff!). So I was a little floored when I saw Sally Hansen's Magnetic polish was almost $10! But being as I have no discernible beauty budget, I thought it would be okay to make a small splurge on myself.

This particular line of polish didn't come in too many colors, and most of the good ones were already picked over. I really wanted to buy the pink color, but my only remaining choices were forest green (a color I already have something close to), a nasty shade of brown, black, and silver.

I went with the silver shade because it seemed most practical for my boring, gray wardrobe.


So what is magnetic nail polish exactly? It's simple, really. Magnetic nail polishes contain iron powder that form dark, wavy shapes when affected by a magnet. (I stole that information. You didn't think I really knew anything about iron powder, did you? Oh, you did? Bless your ignorant, misinformed little heart.) Sally Hansen's version, as I'm sure the other brands do as well, has a magnet attached to the top of the bottle's cap with a ridge to place on your cuticle that allows you to keep the magnet steady.

The magnet on the bottle's cap.

The application process is easy: After applying a clear base coat, apply 1 layer of the magnetic polish and let it dry completely. Next, apply a second, thicker coat of polish on one finger and immediately place the magnet over that nail (using the lid's ridge on your cuticle so the magnet doesn't actually touch your nail) and hold for 10 seconds. Continue this step for the remaining 9 nails (and make sure you do only 1 nail at a time. The magnet needs to be applied to the second coat of polish while it's still wet).

I have to admit, I was pretty skeptical about how well the magnet would actually work because come on, how often is advertising everything it's cracked up to be? But when I revealed my first completed nail, I was pleasantly surprised.

As I went through the process, my magnet design got darker and more distinguishable (I got more confident with each fingernail). Overall, I'm pretty smitten with the finished look. The only downside to the product is that those of us gals with wide nail beds might have some difficulty getting the magnet to manipulate the polish on the entirety of our thumb nails. I was only able to make a pattern in the center of my thumbs, and it looks like a skunk stripe.

See what I mean about not always being able to stay inside the lines?

Huh, I guess that was my very first beauty review for Notably Neurotic, and it was fun! Maybe I can review something else in the future.

I hope everyone has a lovely weekend, and I will see you back here next Monday for a weekend recap! I will be tackling a design project that I'm excited to share with you!

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  1. I agree! This polish was pretty idiot proof! I do wish the magnet was wider tho. I found the trick is to get it on the nail as quick as possible to get the best waves. It's neat!!

    1. I always wonder if I have wider than normal nails. Whenever I buy any kind of press on or sticker polish, it never fits!

  2. Gonna try it tonight as it will be my first try... I got the blue color:)

    1. I loved the blue color! I hope they eventually expand and introduce a wider variety of shades!

  3. I bought it and it looked great but the polish started chipping the next day-just wondering if anyone else had a problem with the polish chipping right away. I finished with a clear top coat and started with a base coat.

    1. Yes! I had that problem, too! It chipped almost IMMEDIATELY. I was so disappointed because I really wanted to show it off! I know that other more high-end brands make magnetic polish, too, and I'm wondering if those brands chip less.

    2. I used Sally Hanson hard as nails as a top coat and I'm going on 10 days with very little chipping

  4. cool! imma try it soon! thanks for the review it was quite hilarious


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