A weekend recap makeover

I hope everyone had an enjoyable weekend and that you weren't too incredibly ticked off at the world when your alarm clocks went off this morning. I was a little irritated when my alarm went off at 6:30 a.m., but I became much less irritable when I just shut it off and fell back asleep for another hour.

This weekend was amazing! Other than almost dying while I ran on Sunday, I have no complaints. I got to spend time with both family and friends, and I even had a little time to myself that included a quick sunbathing session. Does it get any better than that?

What I baked:
  • I'm going to start with "What I baked" because it will be shortest segment of this post.


    I baked nothing.

    We were far too busy and it was far too hot to turn on my oven, so I let my sweet tooth fall to the wayside. I know, I'm upset about it, too. 

 What I ran:
  • Since my mom came to visit on Saturday, I didn't get a chance to lace up my sneakers until well after 9 o'clock. I ended up sprinting a quick 3 miles on the treadmill since I was still really full from gorging myself on pot stickers and crispy green bean fries at T.G.I.Friday's. That workout was probably the closest I've come to actually vomiting, but I powered through it and took a quick walk outside to get some fresh air until my stomach settled.
  • Sunday morning I hit the trail to complete my weekend long run, but it's so blasted hot and dry  outside that I barely made it 4 miles before I had to pause my Garmin and walk for a few minutes. I was scheduled to run 6 miles, but I only managed 5.5 before I felt like my body was completely quitting on me. That was probably the most I've had to stop and walk since the first summer I began training, but I'm trying not to take it heart. I checked in with some of my runner friends and was slightly relieved that they all had similar difficulties this weekend, too. When I don't preform how I expect to, I get really frustrated. Like, really, really frustrated. Like, walk down the street with tears in my eyes and not even care that cars driving past can see me crying. Every since the weather skipped completely over spring and went straight to a dry, humid summer, running outside has made my body feel fatigued and worthless. I'm going to try and keep my runs as close to first thing in the morning as possible and do my best to avoid running at peak temperatures.

    I refuse to let the heat keep me from improving and continuing to do what I love.

What I did:
  • Friday night Clay and I were invited to dinner at Dan and Emily's house which, no matter what we decide to do, always ends up being a great time. Emily prepared a delicious vegetarian crock pot dish and after she and I split a bottle of wine and the boys had some beer, we sat down on the couch for Mario Kart. I also had the opportunity to play some kind of Star Wars game on the Xbox 360 Kinect that allowed my body to control a Rancor as it terrorized a city.. (And yes, I had to google what a Rancor is just now because I couldn't remember what they were called. Why? Because I know next to nothing about Star Wars.) Whenever I had my Rancor eat someone, I held my hands up to my lips and made "Nom! Nom! Nom!" sounds. If eating people isn't therapeutic, I don't know what is ...
  • My mom, who just happens to be my most favorite shopping partner in the world, agreed to come to town on Saturday and help me reupholster the chairs that belong to kitchen table Clay's grandmother gave to us. After talking to Grandma a bit this weekend, we learned the table was in fact produced and bought in the 1950s and the company is still in business today! Knowing the table was a legit antique made the hunt for perfect fabric even more exciting and after my mom talked me out of a horrid floral pattern, I landed on a modern, yet versatile fabric that matches my current decor and pretty much anything I decide to do in the future when we buy a house (I very much want to have a yellow kitchen one day).

    Reupholstering furniture was far more difficult than I imagined and after struggling with fabric for over 2 hours, my mom and I only managed to put together one chair before she had to head home. Had the chairs been perfect squares, the task would have been far easier, but the seats have weird corners cut out of them and trying to staple fabric smoothly was near impossible. That left Clayton and I with the task of either finishing the chairs on our own or waiting until we could see my mom again and make her do it have her help. Well, I'm a pretty impatient person, so I opted for the "we can do it ourselves!" plan, knowing full well Clayton and I didn't know what we were doing. At a first glance, Clay and I are obviously NOT the crafty, Mr. and Mrs. Fix-It type of people (we're more like the "We'll pay someone to do it" type of people), but what's the point of having a billion tools if you never get to use them?

    Clay and I surprisingly got the remaining three chairs done in less than 2 hours (and didn't fight or start drinking). Sure, the underneath stapling job doesn't have near the same impeccable craftsmanship of the chair my mother did, but we completed the project on our own and the end result is simply fabulous.


Doesn't that look gorgeous? I took down our old green curtains and replaced them
with a taupe set that really makes the chairs pop! A makeover for the entire room and it was less than $50!

  • Clay and I were itching to get out of the house and on Saturday night we went to the late showing of That's My Boy at the movie theater. We're both big comedy fans, especially stupid comedies, but this one was a little too stupid ... even for Adam Sandler. I love Andy Samberg and The Loney Island, but I'm not sure I buy him as a leading man in anything other than an SNL digital short. I think the film was trying too hard to be outrageous, and I wish we would have went with our initial gut and saw Rock of Ages instead. Tom Cruise wearing leather pants actually sounded far more appealing than incest and old lady masturbation jokes.

    The movie theater has horrible lighting. And the guy sitting behind me
    was eating popcorn like it was the first time he ate ANYTHING, EVER.

How was your weekend?


  1. O.M.G. I LOVE those new chairs!!!! Great! Your dining room is so cute.


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