I repeated myself

I'm participating in another 5k soon and I've slightly changed a few of my workouts to accommodate the upcoming race. During the few weeks leading up to a 5k, I like to add more fartleks and mile repeats to my routine in order to prepare my body for sprinting and/or maintaining a fast pace. I am not a naturally fast runner and putting the pedal to the metal for even a short distance of 3.1 miles is taxing. I could run at a 9 or 10 minute mile pace for a week straight, but getting to the lower 7-minute range makes me feel like my little heart is going to explode and like my lungs are flapping outside my rib cage.

Yesterday I went out into the almost 90-degree heat and prepared myself to run mile repeats. Full mile repeats aren't all that practical for shorter race distances, so at the suggestion of a friend I modified my workout to half mile repeats. This simply means that I sprinted a half mile at a slightly fast than race pace with a short walking break before the next sprint. Since a 5k is just over 3 miles, I decided to do 6 half mile repeats to cover the distance.

Warm up: .5 at an easy pace.
Half mile repeat 1: 3:47 min
Half mile repeat 2: 3:33 min
Half mile repeat 3: 3:49 min
Half mile repeat 4: 3:40 min
Half mile repeat 5: 3:54 min
Half mile repeat 6: 3:43 min
Cool down: the walk to my car (It was HOT, man!)
Total: 3 miles in 22:28

The challenge of half mile repeats or any kind of repeat (other than ya know, sprinting) is trying to lessen your rest time in between each repeat. Something about sitting at a desk from 8-5 exhausts my mind and body to the point of delirium, so I actually took a nap before I went running. My post-nap grogginess paired with humid air that was so dry I feared the grass around me was going to burst into flames at any moment made me incredibly sluggish. I didn't think I had a prayer of getting through even one half mile repeat, so my rest breaks in between the first few repeats were at least a minute. But as the workout wore on, I hit my stride (and I had to force myself to hit my stride because honestly, I just wasn't feelin' it) and shortened my rest periods to about 30 seconds.

On my very last repeat, I rounded a bend and came face-to-face with a doe standing in the middle of a trail. She seemed very unconcerned by my presence and I wasn't about to a let a woodland creature keep me from finishing my run. I made peace with the fact I was probably going to plow this deer over and decided the risk of injury was totally worth a training PR. But as soon as I got a few feet away from her, she politely scooted a few steps to her left and let me pass, watching intently as I charged onward and solidifying herself as the ballsiest deer ever. That deer had to of felt the breeze as I passedI was that close to her!and she didn't even flinch.

I planned on running an additional half mile at a super slow recovery pace for a cool down, but I was starting to feel uncomfortable in the tummy area and figured I shouldn't push my luck. I absolutely didn't feel like running last night. In fact, when I woke up from my nap, the very idea of running made me grouchy. But that's one of the moments when I had to tell myself, "The only workout you'll ever regret is the one you didn't do."

                                      Source: facebook.com via Brando on Pinteres

When I got home Clayton had grilled steak, steamed broccoli and black eyed peas waiting for me. So yummy!

Have you done any new or challenging workouts lately?


  1. I tried a Piloxing class (that was fun, it wasn't hard) and then I tried a Bootcamp class and it was SO hard and I was SO sore the next day (sorer than what I felt after the mini!)

  2. I took a kickboxing class tonight to cross train - that whole nearly 60 miles of biking this weekend encouraged me to stay off of my bike. I love the class because while it isn't the consistent heart rate pressure that running is, it challenges my agility and balance. Plus, the instructor really encourages active recovery, so we jog around the room between sets/CDs.

    To finish out the workout (because we're runners and all) I sprinted a 7:34ish mile (that's killing it for this distance runner!) and did some (coughpatheticcough) planks. Come now, I was covered in sweat!

    That being said, I'm totes trying these half mile repeats soon!

  3. I just went running yesterday for the first time in over a month (had a non-serious surgical procedure done and had to refrain for awhile). I dreaded it and knew it was going to be horrible - but it didn't turn out too bad and I felt great afterwards! Going back for more today.

    I'm still very much a beginning runner and your blog has been fantastic motivation. Thank you!!

    1. Congrats on getting back out there!

      We're our own worst enemies, and we can psych ourselves out very easily. So I'm glad your run wasn't as bad as you feared it would be!

      I'm glad I can be a good motivator! I enjoy talking about running and fitness very much! So feel free to comment whenever! I'd love to be updated on your progress! :)


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